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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: "My Ducati is called Marianna and she is my girlfriend"

VIDEO - "I've been thinking all winter about a name to give her. I felt better than I expected, but I need a button to ... be able to wheelie"

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Marco Bezzecchi today had to contend with the heat of Sepang for his return to the Ducati. Despite the tropical climate, the VR46 team rider has nothing to complain about his day, on the contrary he is very happy. He told us about it in the interview that you can see above, also revealing the origin of the name he has given to his bikes.

"It's hard, it's a very tough track but also really nice, so the enjoyment is there - said Bez – For sure in the heat it is difficult, but today I didn't do too many laps and I saved some energy to work in the next days".

Your first contact with the Ducati was in Jerez, were the sensations different at Sepang?

“It was all a bit better right away and I didn't expect it. I enjoyed it a lot because this track is really nice, even more with the MotoGP bike, I would say it was a very positive first day ”.

Did you see the top speed you reached?

“Yes, I expected to go faster on the back straight because the curve where you enter is faster, but the top speed is reached on the finish straight”.

You have chosen the name Marianna for your bike...

"Yes, from the union of Maria and Anna. I had this idea with the guys on the team, but above all at home with my girlfriend Chiara. With two bikes it's as if I have two girlfriends and that’s not good (laughs) so we needed a compound name, we thought about it all winter because it's an important thing for me and I loved doing it. Marianna is a lovely name ”.

How did you find things in the saddle?

"Well, I managed to go quite well, also from the point of view of ergonomics I feel comfortable and that’s important, because you can do more strength and less effort. I feel okay, but there is certainly something that can be done better ".

Is it true that with all that electronics, the Ducati doesn't wheelie up as you would like?

“I need a button, Uccio told me that he will make it for me (laughs). You always need to wheelie".

What is the program for tomorrow?

“It will be mainly about lapping, in the end everything is new for me, tyres, electronics, bikes. So it will be important to ride a lot, understand the characteristics of the tyres and then focus on getting it right when problems arise. What is planned is only gaining experience ... and the button! ".


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