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Finally Lucio Lopez, our colleague at motoracenation, is back in Spain

Victim of a serious road accident during the Portuguese GP, Lucio has finally returned home

News: Finally Lucio Lopez, our colleague at motoracenation, is back in Spain


Our colleague, Lucio Lopez, of at the Portuguese GP was involved in a serious road accident while in a taxi.

The consequences of the accident were dramatic: a motorcycle policeman, who apparently was the cause of the accident, was killed, while Lucio, pulled out of the burning taxi by our courageous colleague Simon Patterson, sustained such serious injuries that only today, after returning from Portugal to Spain, was able to send us this message through the site.

“After seven visits to the operating room, I was able to move. Now I can say that, in addition to burns and fractures, I have a spinal cord injury (c5 and c6). It looks like it will be an injury that I will be able to overcome, with perhaps some toll to pay in the form of consequences, but it may be that my rehabilitation will be quite complete.

Two weeks are still left for the swelling to go down, then they will evaluate if I will need to return to the operating table for spinal surgery to help stabilize the spine.

For the moment I am learning to take things, to get back into muscle shape, to eat and to perform all the activities that we consider normal. The good news is that I am gradually regaining sensitivity in some parts of my body as well as mobility.

This rehabilitation, unfortunately, will take many months, maybe more than a year, so I won't be able to enjoy the 2022 season with you.

I thank you for your loyalty and continued encouragement, I will never thank you enough.

Finally, I would like to say that after the first press release I learned that the member of the GNR who hit the taxi, João Fernandes, died in the same accident, all my affection to his family and friends. He will always be with me ”.

All the best Lucio, get well soon and come back to the paddock with us. A big hug from all the editorial staff.


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