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MotoGP, Jorge Martìn squeezes the Ducati Panigale V4: like a Martinator!

VIDEO - The Spaniard trained on the Almeria track riding the Bologna SBK set up with new graphics. Images courtesy of Albert Arenas

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


Jorge Martìn showed off the new graphics of the Ducati Panigale V4S that he will use to train on the track in 2022 just a few days ago, and today he has published the first images directly from the Almeria track as he puts the Borgo Panigale beast to the test. The video was made with the kind collaboration of Albert Arenas, who mounted a camera on the tail of his bike (from the sound, it seems to be a Yamaha R1) in order to give us this adrenaline shot.

Traversing, drifting out and perfect control of the vehicle even with the elbow on the asphalt. These are the ingredients of a fantastic mix. And now enjoy the video!

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