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Petrucci: "Today was the hardest day ever in the Dakar"

PETRUX’S TALES: DIARY FROM DAKAR - “I felt the fatigue. Unfortunately, I had a problem with the KTM. The bike had no power and it died."

Dakar: Petrucci: "Today was the hardest day ever in the Dakar"


It was a complicated, painful Sunday at the Dakar for Danilo Petrucci. In the 7th stage of the Raid, which arrived at Al Dawadimi, the KTM rider had to grit his teeth, making up for a gap of almost 30 minutes, thanks to a 23-minute penalty that relegated him to a 44th position.

Despite the difficulties, the rider from Terni told us what happened on a Sunday that really put him to the test:

Today was really hard. It was difficult to navigate, since I made a mistake at the beginning, which I then took with me until I refueled. Afterwards, the KTM then began to struggle. I don't exactly know what happened. There seemed to be an electrical problem, since I reached the end without full power. The KTM then totally shut down. And, as if that weren't enough, I made mistakes, and I also got nervous. After yesterday's break, I have to say that I felt the fatigue, and this Sunday was the most difficult. Fortunately, I didn't fall, but it was hard.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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