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VIDEO - Petrucci's tears: "I wanted to leave a mark and I did it"

Danilo emotional after yesterday's victory: "As a child I used to watch MotoGP and Dakar videos on repeat, I'm crying and I still can't believe it"

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


Danilo Petrucci's Dakar adventure yesterday provided a huge thrill for the rider and all the fans following his exploits in the desert marathon. In a video published by Red Bull TV that offers highlights of the stage won by Petrux, there are splendid images of the riders challenging the dunes and also all the emotion of Petrucci, who after receiving the news of having won the stage could not hold back the emotion and let go in a liberating cry. 

"When they told me a few minutes ago that I had won the stage - said an emotional Danilo - I started crying and I can't stop. When I was a kid, my father gave me videos of the Dakar and MotoGP and every time I came home from school I watched them on repeat. When I grew up I dreamed of going to MotoGP racing and I succeeded, then my body got too big for me to be competitive there and I thought about trying to do the Dakar, but honestly I never thought I could win a stage.

I wanted to make a mark in motorsport and I did it. I can't believe it. I feel enormously grateful to those who have helped me throughout my career and my life, especially my family. We have made so many sacrifices to get me to MotoGP and honestly I can't find the words because I'm still realising what has happened". 

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