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VIDEO - Flying with Petrux: Danilo challenges the greats of the Dakar

Petrucci is about to take on a tough challenge by agreeing to compete in the professional desert classic. In this video, all the adrenaline of his training in cross

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Danilo Petrucci and the Dakar. It's a huge challenge for anyone, especially for someone who until a few weeks ago used to tackle tracks all over the world on a MotoGP bike, rather than wearing out his motocross tyre blocks in the sand every day. But it is a challenge that Petrux is facing head on, as he tells us in this exclusive interview.

Danilo is taking this commitment very seriously and in this video, made by Alta Movie Srl, you can experience a very intense minute of one of his endless off road training sessions from a very special point of view. In fact, a drone follows Petrucci very closely during his training, with a filming technique that really succeeds in making the viewer experience the sensations experienced by Danilo in the first person. 

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