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MotoGP, Marc Marquez: the lion’s caged but ready to roar again

Questo sarà il quarto inverno consecuito che il pilota della Honda passerà in convalescenza, una prova dura ma che può vincere grazie alla sua forza mentale

MotoGP: Marc Marquez: the lion’s caged but ready to roar again


Winter is the summer for riders. A time to leave stress and pressure behind and enjoy a well-deserved vacation. This is the case for many, but not for everyone. In fact, among his many records, Marc Marquez, also holds the one for the most missed holidays due to injuries. A record that he’d gladly forego.  

And this 2021 is no exception. Honda’s press release with some good news, arrived in the morning. It seems as if he won’t be needing surgery for his diplopia (caused by a fall during enduro training). Marc will continue his recovery following “a conservative treatment plan”. And he can also get back to training (probably not on a bike, but it’s not really clear yet).

An ordeal that Marquez had already gone through ten years ago, when he suffered from the same problem and had to resort to surgery to resolve it. In the years that followed, his  shoulders gave him problems: in 2018, during the winter, he had surgery on his left and, twelve months later, on his right. Then, 2020 was a real annus horribilis, when he broke his humerus in Jerez, with a series of three operations that made him miss the entire season. So we can quickly calculate that this is Marc’s fourth winter recovering.

However, we must also remember that the Spanish champion has always managed to overcome difficult moments, returning as strong as before if not even stronger. After his eye surgery, he won the title in the Moto2 in 2021. After his left shoulder surgery, he dominated the 2019 season (420 points, 12 victories; excluding a fall, his worst result in the race was a 2nd place), and he managed to win three races this year, returning after the ordeal with his arm.

Marquez has repeatedly shown that his greatest strength is not his talent (immense, mind you) but his mind. Every time he’s fallen, he’s gotten up and faced moments that would have brought almost anyone to their knees. The injuries to his arm and eye have not only compromised his ability to ride but also, and much more importantly, to have a normal life. His biggest opponent was his body, even more so than the many riders he’s faced on the track. But when he’s with his back to the wall, he always manages to find a way to reverse the situation, to carry out feats that are worth more than an overtaking or a victory.

Marc will be face to face with his known enemy this winter as well, and he’ll be facing him alone, behind the scenes, like a caged lion ready to roar again. He has always succeeded, and his only goal is to repeat himself, even if the next few weeks will probably be fundamental, because Honda doesn’t look too far ahead into the future with predictions, and the first 2022 round, the tests in Sepang, is little more one month away.

In March, the MotoGP party will begin, and not seeing him among the guests would be a shame. Marquez is a master of surprises, perhaps he’s preparing another one.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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