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MotoGP, Pernat: “Quartararo asked Yamaha for 20 million Euros for his renewal”

VIDEO - The manager’s revelation during yesterday’s Bar Sport, before rating the constructors: “Ducati’s the best, Yamaha is sufficient, Honda was saved by Marquez.”

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Christmas is near, and Carlo Pernat (in a special episode of our Bar Sport, which you can see above) has made a list of both the good and bad among the MotoGP constructors. But the manager from Genoa didn’t limit himself to that. He also revealed some indiscretions on the riders market in view of 2023.

Riders and constructors are already getting ready, like World Champion Fabio Quartararo, who seems to want to make his title pay off financially: “From the information I have, Quartararo has already made a very big request to Yamaha. I understand that he asked for twenty million Euros,” Pernat revealed.

The French rider is aiming high, also aware that Honda may need him, since it’s still not clear what Marquez’s conditions will be.

The next few months will be fundamental. In the meantime, this 2021 is ending with Pernat’s report cards for the Constructors.

Ducati: “They deserves a nice nine. Even in the past, they had the strongest bike, like Bastianini demonstrated when he managed to get on the podium with the 2019 Desmosedici. You can’t do that if you don’t ride a competitive bike. They're the ones who performed the best. Gigi did a great job.

Honda: “I’m giving then a resounding four, and only thanks to Marquez, who won three races. Otherwise, they would've gotten a two. They got it all wrong. Marc solved a few problems.”

Yamaha: “I’m giving an eight to the title winner, but they deserve a four for policy, for not having given the official bike to Morbidelli, for having a ridiculous satellite team. To a six average, I’m adding half a point, just because they won the World Championship.”

Suzuki: “The downfall was putting Sahara in the dual role of team manager and technical director.”

Aprilia: “I’m giving them a barely passing grade, because they’ve been using concessions for years. The bike has developed, but not as much as I expected. They managed the racing department well, there was a podium, but then their performance declined.”

KTM: “Their grade is a 5. They’re a company with a lot of money and an important sponsor, but they worked poorly this year, both from a technical point of view and also in managing their riders.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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