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MotoGP, VIDEO - The Doctor and the Acrobat: the Rossi and Hodges show at the Ranch

Valentino hosted the American rider, who won multiple medals at the X Games, at Tavullia: motocross and flat track for a high-adrenaline video

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


What happens when you put a MotoGP legend and a free-ride motocross legend together? Monster, who brought together Valentino Rossi and Axell “Slay” Hodges for a special day, gave the answer. The Doctor met the American rider (multiple medal winner at the X-Games) on the perfect terrain: the Ranch at Tavullia.

It was clear that with having two such riders on the track together could only result in a great show. Slay started with his acrobatics through the streets of the Marche town, before entering the track. First the pair of aces shared the motocross circuit, before moving on to the flat track one.

“Two or three more days and you'll be ready to race with us,” Valentino told Axell, who in turn invited him to California.

Above you can see the high adrenaline video.


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