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FILM: Marco Simoncelli - fragments of SIC's soul come to life

The film moves along rapidly, but the already known epilogue weighs down like a boulder that cannot be avoided, especially if as the writer you have had the good fortune to share some memories. It’s the celebration of a boy who was chasing a dream

FILM: Marco Simoncelli - fragments of SIC's soul come to life
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The figure from behind, almost a shadow, of Marco, made unmistakable by his iconic hair, welcomes the viewer in the first scenes of the film. With his arms on his hips, in the dim light, he almost seems to resemble a modern-day Peter Pan. In front of him a set of race leathers, Marco puts it on, it is his armour, and the challenge of memories begins. Starting from the first scenes of the film, the cut of the story is immediately clear. No turning the character into a hero, but the desire to preserve his memory with genuine affection, without however ever reverting to melodrama, showing above all the human and not just the sporting side.

Exactly ten years ago a champion left us, one of the greatest Italian talents in world motorsport, Marco Simoncelli. "Sic", the nickname with which that young rider left his mark in the history of racing and in the hearts of his fans and enthusiasts of this sport, and more.

SKY TV has thus decided to pay homage to his memory by using the acronym that made him famous, SIC, creating a docufilm in collaboration with Fremantle and Mowe, and directed by the skilled hands of the director, Alice Filippi, whose sensitivity and passion for this sport permeate the entire film.

Marco's light-heartedness and talent brought to light through anecdotes


All the light-heartedness of that very young talent is brought to light through the stories and anecdotes of those who followed him along his path starting from his debut on minibikes, passing through the legendary challenges at the "quarry" with Valentino, up to rivalries on track. All the frustration and obstacles encountered, including his height, reach the viewer unfiltered, but after all, citing Dr. Costa "talent does not look anatomy in the face". The stubbornness of a boy who chased his dream, until he reached it, strikes the viewer in the heart, clashing with the light-heartedness and giving a transparent, albeit partial, image of the man: it’s impossible not to be thrilled.

The film follows in particular the years that saw him become champion of the 250 class in 2008, at the same Sepang circuit that three years later saw his career cut short so abruptly and in an incomprehensible way.


"The epilogue weighs down like a boulder"

The film thus flows along alternating nostalgia and memories. In amongst the anecdotes, even some laughter and above all reflections, fragments of SIC's soul come to life, all accompanied by the voices and faces of those who shared his story, primarily the figure of his father Paolo. In addition, we can find the voice of Guido Meda, who marks the exploits of the talented rider on the tracks, the voice of his technicians, of Dr. Costa as well as of his manager Carlo Pernat, of his friends, including Valentino, even his opponents such as Bautista, his girlfriend, Katia. The film moves along rapidly, but the already known epilogue weighs down like a boulder that you know you cannot avoid, especially if as the writer you have had the good fortune to share some memories. The director's sensitivity is combined with a soundtrack by Mokadelic (Gomorra - the series) and that boulder, at times perhaps, becomes less looming.

The figure of Marco is always, deliberately and respectfully shown from behind


It would therefore be wrong to label "SIC" as a simple documentary format. It is rather about living (or reliving), but above all celebrating him with positivity, and this is the director's intent, all the passion and determination of a boy who chased a dream, and who despite doubts and moments of despair, never stopped getting up until he reached his goal. The stories and reflections never break the fluidity of the story, the archive images of those years merge with images reminiscent of the icon, an icon of the figure deliberately and respectfully always shown from behind.

More than a portrait, a journey through memories in which you are invited to participate


The end result is like that of a family trip, like in that white camper with the number 58 that accompanied the young Italian talent wherever he went, because after all, the family and loved ones remain a fundamental cornerstone of his story. More than just an intense portrait of a champion, "SIC" is nothing more than a journey through memories, in which everyone, lovers of motorsport but not only, are invited to participate.

SIC is directed by Alice Filippi, written together with Vanessa Picciarelli and Francesco Scarrone, produced by Gabriele Immirzi and Ettore Paternò for Fremantle, Roberta Trova for Mowe and Roberto Pisoni for Sky. Timoty Aliprandi was responsible for the photography, with editing by Emanuele Bresciani, scenography by Francesca Bocca and costumes by Cristina Audisio. The film also made use of the contribution from the Emilia-Romagna region.

The national premiere of SIC will be held in Riccione on December 21st at the Giometti Cinema multiplex during an evening event in which the protagonists of the documentary film will participate together with many other prominent figures from the world of motorsport. A special program will follow in Italian cinemas on 28 and 29 December.


The movie trailers

Kate, the girlfriend: "Marco Simoncelli, an adorable liar"

Valentino Rossi: "My Marco Simoncelli, opponent at the quarry"

Paolo Simoncelli: "Marco, Sic, raced, enjoyed himself and won"

Guido Meda: "That fantastic last world championship lap at Sepang"


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