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MotoGP, Saving the Austin GP: new asphalt from Turns 2 to 10

Work will start at the end of February. Uncini: “We requested an overall resurfacing intervention, but that’s not possible. They’ll have to go deeper to solve the hole problems.”

MotoGP: Saving the Austin GP: new asphalt from Turns 2 to 10


Getting all the riders to agree on one thing isn’t easy, but they did when it came to the asphalt at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. All the riders gave their ultimatum regarding the holes on the track, which make the bikes fly as if they were on a cross track: “You either resolve the situation or we won’t go back to racing in Texas.”. The good news: their request has been met, even if ony partially, by the owners of the circuit.

Franco Uncini,  FIM’s safety officer, took stock of the situation during an interview with “The riders complained a lot about the asphalt at Austin,” he explained. “I went to Texas during the summer, between the two races in Austria, and I noticed that there were many holes, but not as many as we found during the GP. The ground is very soft, and those holes keep moving. The situation was bad during the race weekend, and we had expressed our desire for a complete resurfacing intervention. They replied that it wasn’t  possible, but they’ll intervene on the most critical part of the track, from the entrance at turn two to the exit at ten.

A solution that will save the Grand Prix of the Americas.

In agreement with the riders, it was the least they could do, and they won’t only have to intervene on the surface layer of asphalt, but they’ll have to go deeper to solve the problem,” Uncini continued.

But they’ll have to wait a few more months before starting.

They’ll start at the end of February. Once they’re done, I’ll go there to check it out and probably get on a bike, because I want to understand the situation when riding,”  Franco concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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