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MotoGP, Pirro: "Ten years ago nobody wanted the Ducati, today everyone is copying us"

“The secret is to have built a bike for everyone and not just for one as happened in the past with Stoner. But the facts and not turning back count”

MotoGP, Pirro: "Ten years ago nobody wanted the Ducati, today everyone is copying us"
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He arrived on the first available flight. After the Jerez tests on the Ducati were over, Michele Pirro paid a visit to EICMA on Friday. A warm welcome awaited him at the stand of the State Police, which in these days is carrying out what they call a sort of "Cultural Revolution".

Among the issues addressed and which also involved Michele, there is in fact driving under the influence of alcohol and all the risks that it entails. Anyone who wants can in fact tackle a path designed at the stand wearing glasses with different shades that limited the view: "I'm happy to be back at EICMA again - began Michele - I'm here representing the Fiamme Oro, or the State Police. For me it is a great honour to carry forward values ​​such as respect for the rules, on and off the track. These days the risk involved in driving under the influence of alcohol and above all respect for others is under the magnifying glass. "

Attention then shifted to the track, in particular to this Ducati GP22 which has captured all the headlines in recent tests.

“Only the facts matter and nothing else. In Ducati, the managers are well aware of what has been done in this period and there is no need to add anything else. Personally I'm happy, because Ducati is a benchmark on the track and all of this makes me proud. Obviously there is a big challenge, like the World Championship, where the goal will be to win it. "

In Jerez the tests brought the curtain down on 2021, but everyone is already looking at the year to come.

“I think a lot of work has been done at Ducati. But we have to keep working because we don't know what the other manufacturers are doing. This is a bit of the history of sport, as well as of everyday life, where the goal is to go in search of the best. You can always do more, but without taking steps backwards and making mistakes just because you are looking for something at all costs ”.

The fact is that Bagnaia declared that Ducati has managed to improve a perfect bike. Who knows what can be expected in Sepang…

"The important thing will be to start from where we finished, given that the bike doesn't need any upheavals. For sure the Sepang tests will be interesting. I'll be going back after two years and I'm curious to compare the data from the last time with today's. For sure there will be something new ”.

Meanwhile, in the last outing, Honda showed some components that recall the red bike from Borgo Panigale.

“Ten years ago, when I joined Ducati, nobody wanted our bike. Now, however, we have become the benchmark and even the Japanese have begun to take inspiration and copy. It's nice to see bikes that look like the Ducati which confirms that we have done a good job. Before, maybe the Ducati was a bike built only around one rider, like Stoner, but now it is very versatile ”.

In the coming season, Marc Marquez is expected to return, but we all know that he is struggling with diplopia…

“As a sportsman I am sorry, also because I am aware of what it means to be injured. With him the races are exciting and fun. I'm expecting him from Sepang because it's nice to have him back on track ”.

Finally, a comment about Bautista's return with the Panigale V4.

“I saw Alvaro with a smile, he was happy and was having fun. He rode well in the Jerez tests and I am convinced that he will be fighting for the World Championship in 2022 ”.


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