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MotoGP, Lorenzo set to take part in the 100 km race at the Ranch with Valentino Rossi

INTERVIEW - "I was going to go to Punta Cana, but he invited me and we will make a pair as in the past. I see a very red 2022 in MotoGP, if Quartararo no longer has stimuli it is right that he changes. I can't imagine MotoGP without Marquez"

MotoGP, Lorenzo set to take part in the 100 km race at the Ranch with Valentino Rossi
Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube

Jorge Lorenzo is also one of the protagonists of the 78th edition of ECIMA. A special livery that V Moto Soco wanted to dedicate to the #99 with one eye on the electric front. The Majorcan agreed to the appointment and was enveloped by the warmth of the public at the Rho Fiera Milano Show.

For him, photographs, autographs, selfies and even time to remove the veil from the CU Mini JL99 X scooter. The #99 was smiling and, as always, accommodating, and we were able to spend a few minutes with him.

"It is always nice to come here to Eicma - Lorenzo told us - there is a lot of public and a lot of passion for the world of racing and two wheels, despite the fact that we are still struggling with this pandemic. I'm here with V Moto and I think electric is an inevitable step for all of us. I think that in the future we will no longer listen to the noise of the bikes, probably all of this will displease the fans, but this is a fundamental aspect to deal with if we want a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. "

Jorge, here at EICMA everyone is talking about motorcycles, but also about racing. With the last tests in Jerez we are already looking forward to 2022…

“I see a very red 2022! I had already said this year that Ducati would be a World Championship contender, despite the unknown factor of Quartararo, who then won the title. I believe that Ducati has managed to take another step forward and the credit goes largely to Gigi Dall’Igna. Each year he proves that he is ahead of the game and he brings something new, while the others have to chase. I dont' think it is fair that he has not yet won in MotoGP, given what he has done in the past, but I think next year they have a great chance ”.

Fabio Quartararo will be the main rival. Recently there has been talk of the fact that he could also change colour and team. What do you think?.

“When you fight for victory with a bike, it is always better to stay where you are, because changing is risky, since you can take steps backwards. Unfortunately, the Yamaha is not a very revolutionary bike, unlike the Ducati. If you take the Ducati of 2015 and that of 2022 you see two completely different bikes, while the Yamaha is more or less always the same bike. In the end, however, this is their philosophy and they are still working a lot ".

There will be no Rossi on track next year. We have seen you talking and spending time together several times this season.

“When I got back on track at Aragon I felt this opening from him. We talked together and he invited me to the 100km of Champions at the Ranch. So I’m going to Tavullia to race and I thank him for this opportunity. I've always been curious to see the Ranch and so I decided to take this opportunity, as I love dirt track ”.

Rossi-Lorenzo is a blast from the past!

“I am grateful to him. In the past we have had some complicated moments, but now there is great respect between us. Among other things, I was going to leave for Punta Cana, but I preferred to go to the Ranch. For me it will be a completely new experience, where the goal will be to have fun with all the other participants ".

Speaking of 2022, what are your thoughts on what happened to Marquez?

“Marc is a phenomenon, I consider him the strongest physically and technically, so as a result he is virtually unbeatable. But he takes more risks than others and sometimes you have a bigger chance of getting hurt. He now he has a vision problem. Let's hope that everything works out for the best because I can’t imagine MotoGP without Marc”.


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