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MotoGP, A disappointed Quartararo left hoping Yamaha has kept the best for Sepang tests

"Here at Jerez I tested the bike they had already brought to Misano". Morbidelli: "I'm happy with the M1 and confident for 2022. My problem is my leg"

MotoGP: A disappointed Quartararo left hoping Yamaha has kept the best for Sepang tests


Fabio Quartararo is unable to be satisfied after the first day of testing at Jerez. In the garage he had the prototype of the M1 2022, but it was not what he hoped for and he makes no bones about it. “I tried the same bike they had already brought to the Misano tests and then some other things, like a new swing-arm, and some new electronics. I know it's just a first evolution, but more work is needed to feel clear improvements”.

The world champion is a bit disappointed…

"I expected a bit more, I hope they have kept the best for Sepang – he declared – They will have three months to find the power we need, the M1 2021 is a great base, we just need top speed, we also need to improve our aerodynamic package”.

The first evolution of Iwata's 4-cylinder is certainly not enough…

“Jerez is a good track to test the chassis, not the engine, but here too you can feel the difference compared to the Ducati. In addition, you need to be able to make the bike turn better in slow corners”, he concluded.

Morbidelli: "I still need a lot of rehabilitation; I can't keep the right position on the bike"


Franco Morbidelli is not yet in line with his teammate, but there could be a reason. “I don't have much experience with the 2021 bike yet - he explained - Today I immediately felt the improvements and good feelings in the saddle, so I'm happy with this first step forward. I feel confident for 2022, even if we have to see how much the Ducatis will improve”.

When we start talking about speed, however, his thinking is completely aligned with that of Fabio.

"I agree that we need power and speed, that's what they are trying to improve and they are working on it - he assured - Everyone knows what our weak point is, we hope to make some interesting steps forward, in my opinion we have already made small ones".

Morbido also had a crash today at turn 13 and his physical condition is not yet perfect.

 “In the left turns I find it hard to keep my body in the right position. This is what happened to me today: I was late in corner entry and I used the brake too much, luckily it was just a slide - he said - My leg is still giving me some problems, in the last three races I have not had time to rest, I’m still struggling to bend it, to move on the saddle. It is difficult for me to keep a steady pace because every lap is a bet, I don't know how much it is limiting me in terms of performance, certainly it does a bit. However, we must not think of this as a handicap but as an opportunity to find the best set-up and still be fast, in Valencia and here I managed to do it so I’m happy with the work we did. After the tests I will need a lot of rehabilitation because after Austin we had decreased the intensity of these exercises to promote athletic training ".

Franco's final comment was about his new crew chief, Primmer.

“I’m getting on very well with Patrick, it wasn’t obvious that it was his first day. He already has everything under control and the day went smoothly” he concluded.


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