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MotoGP, VIDEO - Valentino Rossi's last lap: from the checkered flag to the box

A film narrated every moment of the Doctor's lap of honor in Valencia, from the embrace of the other riders to the one with his team

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


The last lap. The one to be done as slowly as possible, to enjoy it inch by inch, the opposite of the golden rule of motorcycling. On the last lap emotions are the ones that go fast, especially when it is the last of a career that began 26 years ago.


From the checkered flag to the box, with 75,000 people to greet, the hugs of the riders, the race commissioners who extend their hands, until the pit lane, where the teams are lined up, shuffling and applauding.

Valentino Rossi's last lap in Valencia is difficult to describe, between caresses to his M1 and wheelies. You can see it, though, in the video above.

Monster made it and it's as simple as a mirror. It's the two cameras mounted on the Yamaha number 46 that tell the story, with no filters, nor effect music. Just colors and sounds, for one last lap.


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