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MotoGP, Fast By Prosecco Misano, Pernat: "Ducati and that wrong choice"

VIDEO - Carlo Pernat comments on Fabio Quartararo's triumph, who conquered his first title one race earlier than expected. With the right tires, Bagnaia and Miller might not have crashed

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Fabio Quartararo was not sure he could become World Champion at Misano, given all the difficulties in qualifying and especially the dominance of Ducati and Bagnaia until almost the checkered flag. But then the crashes of Jack Miller and Pecco paved the way for him to win his first top class title, presumably the first of many, given the talent of the Frenchman.

When he crashed, Bagnaia was dominating in front of Marquez and according to our Carletto Pernat the reason for his and his teammate's fall is all in the choice of tires made by Ducati, who opted for the hard front for both riders. A solution that the others didn't choose and that perhaps wasn't the best one to make, in the hope of being able to keep the discussion for the world championship open until Valencia. Misano was also the day of Bastianini's comeback podium and of Valentino Rossi's farewell to Italy as a MotoGP rider.

As always, our Pernat commented on what happened on the track for us in front of a nice bottle of Prosecco DOC, here is an excerpt of his analysis.

"From Misano there is bad news and good news. The bad news is that for us Italian sportsmen the world championship is over, because Fabio Quartararo has become the new world champion. A well deserved title that he could have easily conquered in Portugal. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth that Ducati chose two hard front tires, the only one to do so in the whole batch of riders.

It was a bit of a strategy that turned out to be wrong. Both Miller and Bagnaia crashed. The choices are called that because you only know afterwards if they are right or wrong. Bagnaia had done a perfect race, but this choice turned out to be a loser. It's a shame, the world championship could have ended even after that. It has to be said, though, that Quartararo proved to be the strongest of them all and he also showed that he was no longer under pressure.

Then there was the return of Marquez, something that will worry the others. I think that in 2022 he will be the man to beat, he is the phenomenon. The others have grown, but I think Marc has surprised us this year. Maybe he is not back to the Marquez of always, but at least he is a winning Marquez. Great third place for Bastianini, who started 18th and finished third. Something not easy in the current MotoGP, without forgetting that he has Zarco's bike from last season in the box, a 2019 Ducati."


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