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Davide Brivio, irreplaceable in Suzuki but (seems like) he’s staying in F1

De Meo did not say: “Brivio is a fish out of water in the F1.” For the moment, the manager from Brianza is not talking about his future, even if Mir and Rins in Suzuki reiterated: “Without him, there’s a different vibe.”

News: Davide Brivio, irreplaceable in Suzuki but (seems like) he’s staying in F1

Even if a bit late, we recently reported the news (which was not denied) that was circulating on the web, on several  F1 sites, and that had created a ruckus in the MotoGP paddock: Davide Brivio was going to leave Alpine in the F1 to return to the world of two wheels.

In all this, Renault's CEO, De Meo, was erroneously attributed Joe Saward’s words. In referring to Brivio, Joe – one of the most accredited Formula 1 reporters – defined him “a fish out of water”, but he's going to have to take it back.

To try to get more information, we talked to both riders from the team based in Hamamatsu, Mir and Rins. Both were happy with the hypothesis.  Rins had even gone so far as to say that, without David in Suzuki, there was no longer the same vibe. A nice show of affection.

At that point, we wondered which one Brivio would have joined, indicating the new VR46 team – given Davide’s ties with Valentino Rossi – but Vale denied it.

With a bit of a delay, however, the words De Meo apparently pronounced were disproven and classified as a simple personal impression by his British colleague. For the moment, Alpine has not officially expressed itself, and it’s not clear why, although they did mention “fake new”. But this news still made a ruckus in the world of both four and two wheels.

They usually say that where there’s smoke there’s fire, but we know that this can also be nipped in the bud. However, Davide –  who had the satisfaction of winning the Hungarian Grand Prix with Ocon this year – still has one year on his contract. He didn't want to add anything about his future  yet, wherever he decides to go, he’ll be well received.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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