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MotoGP, Marquez: “Fabrizio’s criticisms? I don’t waste time with him.”

“I understand Maverick. I wouldn’t have raced either. When there are many races and classes, the risks increase.” Bagnaia: "With 40 riders, all close together on the track, certain things are more likely to happen.”

MotoGP: Marquez: “Fabrizio’s criticisms? I don’t waste time with him.”


The tragedy that involved Dean Berta Viñales has affected the entire world of motorcycling, already tried by the deaths of Dupasquier at Mugello and Millan at Aragon.It’s a sad, tough season for motorcycling. First of all, I want to give my support to Maverick and his family,” Marquez stated during the inaugural press conference of the Austin GP.

Marc himself was trotted out by Michelin Fabrizio (see HERE for explanation) as being a “bad example” for young riders. A position that the Spanish champion didn’t even want to comment: “When I read it, I couldn’t understand how a rider could use certain words. I don’t want to waste any more time. The best thing is to use it to understand how to prevent these tragedies from happening again in the future.”

Marquez has Quartararo on his side  (“There are people who just like to talk”,“It’s clear that everyone wants to be like Marc, he ‘s the best”), as well as Bagnaia ( “At certain times, you should only have respect and say nothing”).

The MotoGP riders also supported Viñales in his decision not to race in Texas. “This is a difficult year. We’ve lost three very young riders,” Pecco emphasized. “For Maverick, it’s even worse. Dean was his cousin. He made the right decision.Marc also agreed: It’s a normal choice. I would’ve done the same, and I fully respect it.”  Fabio was, however, more cautious: “It’s a difficult situation for everyone. Even more so for Maverick, who has lost a part of his family. But I prefer not to talk much about it, to take one side or the other.

What all three have fully agreed upon is the improvement in rider safety in recent years. “Circuits and clothing are at the top. It's difficult to do more.” They said in unison, aware that risks can never be completely eliminated in racing, but maybe there are some aspects that should be worked on.

In certain categories, where there are forty riders on the track, and they’re all close together, I don’t mean that it’s easier for certain things to happen, but they certainly can happen more frequently,” Bagnaia pointed out.

For Marquez, the point is that there are many categories, and this increases the risk.

Between the GP, SBK, CEV, and European championships, practically every Sunday,” is his reasoning. “Twenty years ago, there were only four or five categories. If you went fast, you raced, otherwise, you stayed home. Now, if you’re not competitive in one class, you move on to another. On one hand, this growth is positive for motorcycling but, on the other, with double the number of races and double the number of riders, the risk increases. It’s a difficult situation to manage.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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