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MotoGP, Max Biaggi continues testing with the Voxan: the hunt for records is still open

VIDEO - The Roman is still busy fine-tuning the electric prototype that aims to set new benchmarks for a non-gasoline-powered two-wheeler

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Whoever stops is lost, especially when it comes to new technologies applied to the world of two wheels. Max Biaggi knows it well, and so does Voxan, which has involved the Roman rider in the development of its electric prototype that aims to set new records. The pair has already proven to be successful almost a year ago, when they set 11 records in the category (HERE is the full story), but evidently appetite comes with eating, even in the world of electrics, and the bar is now raised even higher.

Biaggi is trying his hand at track testing, because when it comes to getting on the saddle we all know how meticulous and careful he is in preparing the smallest detail. We still don't know what Max's next goal might be on the Voxan, but the idea is certainly to further improve the records he has set and take back those that have been beaten by others in the meantime. 

On the other hand, electric technology applied to motorbikes can certainly be defined as still in its infancy, with an enormous potential yet to be explored and understood. Feats like Biaggi's on the Voxan serve to push the limits ever higher, demonstrating how far we can go in this eternal challenge between man and speed. The type of propulsion changes, but the romance of the feat remains unchanged. 

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