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Moto3, Pedro Acosta in Misano rode with...his feet!

During the Misano GP, Pedro realized he was having trouble slowing down the bike, so he resorted to an old system in vogue in the 70's: rubbing his boot on the ground!

Moto3: Pedro Acosta in Misano rode with...his feet!


The former rider, journalist and now managerJaime Alguersuari Sr, founder of Solo Moto and father of the former F1 driver,. shared an image on twitter showing a destroyed boot on his front. He accompanied it with the caption, "HOW ACOSTA DISPUTED THE 14th GP OF THE YEAR IN MISANO? WHAT HAS NOT BEEN SEEN, WHAT HAS NOT BEEN KNOWN! This was an Alpinestars boot, after finishing 7th in the Misano GP. Pedro Acosta, realized the tire wasn't right and braked with what he could!".


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