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MotoGP, Rossi: “It’s nice to talk to Dovizioso, but he has a different bike than mine”

“With Andrea’s bike, both braking and cornering are different. If I have to look at the data, I prefer to look at Quartararo’s. My team in MotoGP? We’ll do it, but I know little about it.”

MotoGP: Rossi: “It’s nice to talk to Dovizioso, but he has a different bike than mine”


It’s understandable. Currently, Valentino Rossi’s biggest problem isn’t so much trying to be faster on the home circuit, but answering all the questions about his team’s future in the MotoGP. He confirmed it, kind of jokingly, when answering the catchphrase of the season for the umpteenth time.

The biggest distraction for me is answering your questions about the team,” Valentino said, and  then explained: “I have to concentrate on myself and instead… I’m trying to give the VR46 my support, but I’m not the person directly following the matter, so I don’t know the latest news.

It's always like this. In some companies, the boss is the last to know the news. And when, at 42, the boss is busy racing in his last MototGP season, things get complicated if, after the "Instant classic" question about the team, he's asked what he thinks about racing in one of his last GPs on the home circuit. And that's when you realize how much patience a nine-time world champion has.

Racing in Misano is always nice, I like it. It's a very difficult circuit and mentally and psychologically tiring. Here, everything happens very quickly, because the track is narrow, so you don't have time to think that this is your last year... ." He pauses to make it clear that the question is not one of the greatest, and concludes with a corner kick: "I hope there'll be some nice days, because having people around the track changes the meaning of everything .

We understand you Valentino, and you have all our solidarity. These zooms should be halted as soon as possible, and luckily today Carmelo Ezpeleta personally reassured us that  we'll be returning to our old, healthy habits as soon as possible, asking and then listening to your answers face to face. Because when that happens, you don't always need to ask questions. Sometimes, it's best to listen to the feelings of the riders at the end of a day, than what was neither fish nor fowl.

Today, the conditions were very difficult," confirmed Rossi confirmed.  "But the good thing is that we tested the asphalt in both conditions. When it was wet, in the afternoon, we were able to set up, but on the dry, in the morning, we didn't have enough time. We did too few laps, and I didn't quite understand what to do.

Today was the day that Valentino and Dovizioso shared the garage for the first time. And Rossi said he was curious to hear the impressions of the rider from Forlì.

We talked, both after the first and after the second round, and his comments are interesting, but Dovi has a different bike than mine, and that bike rides differently in corners.With Andrea's bike, both braking and cornering are different. If I have to look at the data, I prefer to look at Quartararo's. It's nice to talk to Andrea, He has experience, and he's meticulous about the set-up. We agreed on a few things. But it was his first experience with a different bike. And he's also not ridden in a while. But I think that his ideas are already quite clear.

As for Rossi, however, the problems are always the same.

The sensations when wet aren't bad, but we don't have good rear grip, and we lose a lot in acceleration. That's the biggest problem. When fast, however, where Fabio seems to have complained, it wasn't bad.

He then ended up talking about his Academy again and the Moto2 team, because it seems like Yamaha wants to continue to be VR46's partner and take advantage of the growth of young  riders. But Vale isn't fully informed on this either...

I spoke to Lin Jarvis and, it's true, there's also a project to help the Asian riders get into the MotoGP in the future but, right now, I don't know how this project will develop. However, I can confirm that the VR46 team will do it, but I don't know when we'll make everything official.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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