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MotoGP, Quartararo: "Let’s hope Dovizioso can give us some good advice"

"He has a lot of experience with the Ducati, so we really hope he'll give us some advice on the bike. He's a very popular rider in MotoGP. At the moment I don't have rear stability in fast corners."

MotoGP: Quartararo: "Let’s hope Dovizioso can give us some good advice"


Not a brilliant start to the Misano Adriatico weekend for Fabio Quartararo. The French Yamaha rider finished seventh in the combined timesheet and 18th in the wet in FP2. Quartararo himself was incredulous at the afternoon's result, recalling how in 2019, always in the wet at Misano, his times were much more competitive.

“We tried a totally different setting this afternoon. It was a little bit better. It’s a shame because I missed my last lap because I improved my lap time, but I made not even one of my fastest sectors. It was a little bit better, but still I’m not feeling comfortable on the bike. I feel we make a small step in front because my feeling is better, but I have zero feeling in the fast corners, so it’s tough. Let’s see what we can do, but at the moment we are struggling quite a lot.”

Are the problems you are having due to the temperature of the tyres?

"No, the problem is what I just said: I had some strange feelings, looking at the data the temperatures were good. We need to analyse, we found a set-up and it was a little bit better on the feeling. We’re still two seconds from the top man, but for me our position is not real now. For me, our position right now was in the top 12. But still in 2019 I made all of my wet practices in the wet in the top 10 and I can’t understand why I can’t have this feeling back".

Does this problem you are talking about only occur on fast corners or also on slow corners?

“Both, but I feel it a lot more in the fast corners. This is the main problem. In the wet everything is more sensitive and I can say that in the fast corners I have no stability on the rear. I don't have much confidence for this reason”.

FP1 went a little better…

“FP1 was quite difficult with the soft front tyre. You always have to start the weekend with the soft front tyre, even if it's a tyre I don't really like because it's way too soft. The plan was to put the medium on in the afternoon, but it was not possible due to the rain ".

How is the grip in the wet?

“I didn't think the grip could be that bad and I think the water didn't drain well because it rained all the time. This morning shortly after it started raining it stopped and I felt the grip was pretty good ”.

Andrea Dovizioso said he was impressed by your results ...

"Dovi is a rider that I love, not just the rider he is, also the person, and I think he is a rider who can give us a lot. He has a lot of experience with the Ducati, so we really hope he will give us some advice on the bike. To have this kind of comment about my results is very nice, especially from a rider like Dovi, he is still a very popular rider in MotoGP ”.


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