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MotoGP, Rins: “It’s impossible for all Michelin tires to be the same”

“We talk about both preheated tires and quality in safety commission. I think it’s impossible for them to be all the same. Nothing’s changed since the Silverstone podium. I’m still the same."

MotoGP: Rins: “It’s impossible for all Michelin tires to be the same”


Alex Rins arrived at Aragon fresh off the podium from the English race at Silevrstone. Unlike his teammate, Joan Mir, Alex had an uphill race, finishing with the best possible result compared to his starting grid position.

It seems like a home Grand Prix to me. I’m really happy that we’re starting the engines again here, especially after Silverstone, since we’re coming from a super podium,”  Rins said. “My expectations are the same, even if it will certainly be difficult to be fast here against Yamaha and Ducati. I’ll try to push anyway. I think many riders like this track, and I think the times will all be very close.

Do you think Silverstone helped you be mentally stronger after the podium?
No, I think I’m the same. The goal is always the same. Race after race, I try to achieve the best possible result. This is a track that I really like. Now I look forward to starting the weekend.”

We know that, before the start of the championship or even before the start of a race, you often use preheated tires. Do you know when they mount them?
I prefer not to know. We usually start on Fridays with that type of tire. Before the start of the weekend ,we know the number of this type of tires we have available, and we try to make them last during each day.”

During the last race, there were a lot of problems with the tires, but not for you, in particular. Tires play an important role during the championship, not only for speed but for safety. Is this an issue you talk about during safety commissions?
We talk about it every time. We talk about preheated tires, about the quality of the tires. I think it’s impossible for the tires to be all the same. As for the problems that some riders had with the front tire at Silverstone, I mounted the medium, because I realized that I wouldn’t have been able to race the entire distance of the race with the soft ones. Joan also mounted the soft ones, and it was a surprise for him. Maybe the soft ones were too much.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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