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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "I spoke to Michelin, they recognized the tyre problem"

“They said I was right, but it is difficult to know if a tyre is good or not before going out on the track. I won’t give up against Quartararo until the very end "

MotoGP: Bagnaia: "I spoke to Michelin, they recognized the tyre problem"


Silverstone left a bitter taste in his mouth, also because it is as if he had felt betrayed by his Michelins. It was a race with a bitter aftertaste for Pecco Bagnaia in Great Britain, since he found himself at the back of the group as a spectator after he was fighting up at the front at the start.

As if that weren't enough, Quartararo won on that occasion, extending his lead in the championship standings.

"Obviously I'm disappointed about how the last race ended - he said - but I’m not giving up, because my motivation is high and I'll try to the very end, until I am condemned by the arithmetic. I will certainly never give up. Unfortunately, in the last few races there has been a bit of bad luck and mistakes that have penalized me, but I keep going. Fabio deserves the first place, but there are still six races left to go”.

The first is Aragon…

“In the past this was a favourable track for Ducati, but a year ago the only fast rider was Zarco. Unfortunately, we weren't competitive with the temperatures that were there, but we hope that this time the situation will be different. "

Then there is the issue of the tyres to be evaluated.

“I had the opportunity to speak with Michelin and Ducati also had a discussion with them. What I can say is that Michelin recognized the fact that I had a non-performing rear tyre and these are things that can happen. The important thing is that all of this does not happen again. Certainly after the last race they have further data to make assessments, even if it is difficult to understand if a tyre is good or not before going out on the track "

Bagnaia therefore wants to leave the tyre issue behind, aiming to restart from MotorLand.

“The first thing you do once you are on the track is push, for sure it's not focusing on the tyres. Then you obviously think about what the sensations are, but this only happens later, after you push on the gas and look for performance. Personally, my confidence remains the same and I am ready to start working from tomorrow ".


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