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OFFICIAL - Pedro Acosta moves up to Moto2 with the KTM Ajo team in 2022

After his fantastic debut in Moto3, the Spanish rider is ready for the next step. He will share the garage with Augusto Fernandez

Moto2: OFFICIAL - Pedro Acosta moves up to Moto2 with the KTM Ajo team in 2022


Pedro Acosta will be moving up to Moto2 next year with team Ajo, KTM's 'official' team in the intermediate class. At the age of 17, the Spanish rider, who currently leads the Moto3 standings, is ready to make the jump and will find Augusto Fernandez alongside him, for an all-new line-up in Moto2.

Pedro Acosta declared: “Jumping to Moto2 was my goal because I believe it’s the step I need to make. Of course, there is always more to learn - and I could do that in Moto3 - but when it comes to details and my development as a rider then it feels like the right move. It’s a big advantage to stay in the Red Bull KTM Ajo team as we now have a year of working together and it’s always important to keep a good and positive feeling with the people around you. The team have really helped me in my first world championship year. It’s been a big step into the world championship but I worked for it and I’m happy with how things have been going.”

Augusto Fernandez said: “I’m really happy and satisfied to be joining Red Bull KTM Ajo. The team has been a reference in the category now for many years by winning races and fighting for championships. I think that experience of going for titles will really help me next year and I’m already looking forward to working with them.”

Aki Ajo, Team Principal, added: “We’ve had a very strong season in Moto2 with Remy and Raul and there are still a few races to go but looking to 2022 we are very happy to have another couple of great riders with Pedro and Augusto and a promising combination of experience and youth. We have known Augusto for some time and have seen his career and results. He has shown big potential and I think we can achieve great things together. Pedro’s rookie year in Moto3 has been something special and even more is coming. The step to Moto2 after just one season in Moto3 is a big one but if there is one racer that can make this step then it’s Pedro. We have a lot of trust in him and will, of course, fully support him. Together with Red Bull and KTM I am confident we have selected the right riders for our KTM GP Academy for the future.”

Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsport Director, commented: “We are very pleased to announce the Moto2 rider line-up with Pedro Acosta and Augusto Fernandez for our KTM GP Academy. Together with Red Bull KTM Ajo we have the best possible structure to support both riders in their next challenge. Aki Ajo and his team have played a fundamental role in the careers of many riders and we can be proud to have him by our side for the next project in rider development. It is a great pleasure to support Pedro's desire to move up from Moto3 to the next category. What he has shown in his first World Championship season is outstanding and we believe he can keep the momentum going. He will continue to focus on his goal for 2021, but we will then tackle the next challenge together. With Augusto we welcome another promising talent to our Red Bull KTM family. He has shown great signs and we are happy to have an experienced Moto2 rider in our line-up. I am sure that under Aki's guidance he can make the next level in performance and we will celebrate some exciting results in the near future.”


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