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SBK, Redding: “It’s funny to read that I left Ducati for money”

“Or because I’m at the end of my career. Sometimes I wonder if people watch the same races as I do. Aprilia? I’m happy for last Sunday’s podium, because I know where they started from.”

SBK: Redding: “It’s funny to read that I left Ducati for money”

Scott Redding and Ducati are lying in wait. On a Friday when Toprak and Yamaha put the competition in line, the Aruba rider is second behind the Turkish rider. Scott has shown how confident and aware he is in view of Saturday, when  his goal is to fight for the podium.

Scott is probably in the best of positions. On one hand, he has the certainty of his future with BMW, on the other, his serenity in fighting for the Superbike World Championship without being under too much pressure. 38 points behind Rea aren’t bad, and dreaming is legit.

Here, at Magny-Cours, the situation is slightly different compared to other dry tracks,”  Scott began. “I say this because I’ve probably never ridden in these conditions before today, since it was raining a year ago. In the end, however, it went well. Maybe, in some moments, I wasn’t completely relaxed or calm, so much so that I went over the limit.

The glass is still half full for Scott.
 “In  the beginning of the FP2, I worked with a different engine brake mapping, and I didn’t feel the right confidence, then the sensations improved. In the end, with the new tire, I managed to improve, finding the competitiveness I wanted. So I’m satisfied, even if I had to struggle a bit with the bike. What can I say. Magny-Cours isn't an easy track. The last corner is impressive. Also, it’s not easy to put together a perfect lap.”

He also talked about the recent market movements.
I’ve read what fans write on social media, and maybe it’s not really the best thing to do. It’s funny when people write that I left Ducati for money, or I’m at the end of my career, because maybe the bike I’ll be racing next year hasn’t won yet. Sometimes I wonder if people watch the same races as I do. I think that each of us makes choices to have the best and try to improve. Obviously, it’s never easy at the beginning, but everyone’s goal is to progress and get good results. Look at Aprilia for example.”

Scott is referring to last Sunday’s podium at Silverstone.
When I arrived in Aprilia, maybe it wasn’t the best moment. In fact, I struggled and, in the end, I went elsewhere. But last Sunday, Aprilia made it to the podium, and people now have a different perspective than before. I’m happy for the Silverstone podium, because I know where they came from. Behind that result, there’s certainly work and commitment to achieve important results.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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