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MotoGP, Pernat: "Quartararo is the king, but Aprilia is the queen of Silverstone"

VIDEO Fast by Prosecco: "It was a tires Grand Prix and Michelin must change things. Ducati suffered, what Marquez did with Martìn is unacceptable"

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The Silverstone Grand Prix produced a lot of excitement and two chief protagonists, namely a Fabio Quartararo increasingly on his way towards conquering the title and a great Aprilia that finally conquered its first podium in MotoGP with a fantastic Aleix Espargarò. As always, our man on the spot Carlo Pernat commented on the race in front of a glass of Prosecco, also offering his point of view on the accident between Marc Marquez and Jorge Martìn.

"You could see from practice that there would be a lot of riders fighting for the win. Quartararo put the world title crown on his head, he won big by making a risky choice with the soft front tire. Others did it too, but he profited from it, Bagnaia didn’t.

“Ducati suffered a defeat here, here Bagnaia had the same tire problems he has had on other occasions and we have to understand what happened. Miller almost found his feet again, but he has to do better because he is not the same as the Jack we saw at the start of the season when he was winning races. At this point in time Quartararo is the one who is riding best of all, in a more balanced way.

“It was a tires Grand Prix, Valentino himself had problems with the rear. Everyone who put the soft in front had problems and it's difficult to get the bike right in this kind of situation. Michelin has to work on this, things like that shouldn't happen.

“Then there is one point I want to talk about, and I have to give two to the race direction. What Marc Marquez did today is not nice. He aimed for Martìn, brought him down and could have hurt him. You can't race like this and in my opinion the Race Direction has to make sporting decisions, including political ones, and for me there should also be a disqualification for one GP. I understand that Marc is going through a difficult time, but he cannot do such a manoeuvre, it is not justifiable. This situation is the result of the past because no measures were taken in the past and this is the result.

“Today, however, the queen is Aprilia if Quartararo is the king. First podium in MotoGP, in a very difficult category today. Aleix Espargarò was good, he held out until the end against Miller and gave the first podium to the Noale manufacturer, which deserves it. "


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