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MotoGP, Rossi: "It's as if the tire burned out, we don't know which way to turn"

"It's not the first time I've had certain problems, but I feel like I'm riding like the other riders. I’m glad Dovizioso at Misano will be able to help improve the Yamaha."

MotoGP: Rossi: "It's as if the tire burned out, we don't know which way to turn"


Valentino was hoping for a good performance at Silverstone, after encouraging practice sessions and qualifying, but he left for home empty-handed. His race seemed like a photocopy of Bagnaia's: a good start, the first few laps in amongst the frontrunners and then an unstoppable slide towards the back. While Pecco managed to pick up at least a few points, Rossi did not even have that meagre consolation.

“I had been quite strong all weekend, I felt good on the bike and I had a decent pace - he explained - We knew that starting with the medium tire at the rear would be a bit difficult because I felt better with the hard, but today it was colder and we had to do it. The hard one would not have worked in these temperatures, so we were forced to make this choice. I was expecting some problems, but not so many ”.

Then he continued with the story of his race...

“Finally I had a good start and in the first laps I was in the place where I expected, I knew I could fight with my pace for the positions from 6th to 9th. After 5 or 6 laps the rear tire had an incredible drop, on the right side I had no grip, as if the tire had burned out. I started to lose one, two, three seconds per lap and I just tried to get to the end, but I was very slow ”.

It's easy to imagine how he feels…

“It was a great pity and I'm very sad, I wanted to get a good result at Silverstone because I like the track and there is a good atmosphere, but especially because I felt good on the M1 - he said - I wanted to be in the top 10, I would have liked to, but that's how it went ”.

The Doctor is not new to certain problems…

“I can only speak for myself and since 2019 this problem has happened to me a lot of times, we have done a lot of tests and made changes both to the setting and riding style. Today I saw many riders, because I was in the first group and then they all passed me, and I don't seem to do anything special, I ride in a similar way to the others - he said - I tried to go all the way just to see the chequered flag. As in Assen and Barcelona, ​​I was very fast in practice and then slow in the race. We'll see what we can do, but we don't know which way to turn ".

Changing the subject, he was pleased with the arrival of Andrea Dovizioso in Petronas starting from Misano.

“I'm happy to have Dovi as a teammate because he has experience, he's fast and we have a good relationshipsaid Valentino - We've always been fighting against each other since 2008, I'm glad he's back and I think he can give his contribution to Yamaha to improve the M1”.


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