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Petrucci: "This MotoGP is no longer the same, I have talked to Rossi about it"

"The first lap seems like the last one, all the youngsters are really too aggressive. I didn't see what happened between Marquez and Martìn, but I think it was too early for a manoeuvre like that. I’m satisfied with this top ten"

MotoGP: Petrucci: "This MotoGP is no longer the same, I have talked to Rossi about it"


Danilo Petrucci had a very positive race at Silverstone after all. The top ten place he grabbed at the end of the race does justice to the excellent work done by the team and rider, who probably could have picked up even more if he started from a better position on the grid. But in today's MotoGP, many things have changed and despite having an excellent race pace, it is precisely the first laps that are decisive, as happened today.

"The fact is that in the current MotoGP you could make a film only about what happens on the first lap - said Petrucci - In that situation you can really see the madness of the riders, it seems that now it has become what it used to be on the last lap of the race. Above all, the fact is that at that moment you do not know what the conditions of the bike or the track are. You have a full tank, and the tires are not yet perfectly in temperature. But that’s what makes riders like me, who have been racing for a long time, suffer. Younger riders throw themselves in as if it were the last chance and all kinds of things happen. I also talked about this with Valentino Rossi a few races ago. Before, you used to wait for a few laps for everything to settle down and then attack. Now, on the other hand, from the first lap everyone starts as if it were a qualifying lap ".

Are you also referring to the episode that involved Marquez and Martìn?

"I didn't really see what happened between Marquez and Martìn on the track, I saw some images later. Marquez came across and maybe it was a bit early to do it that way, but I don't really know how it went because at that moment I had a couple of riders ahead of me before them. For sure the riders who come from Moto2 and Moto3 are much more aggressive today ".

Let's talk about your race.

"I lost a lot of time passing Nakagami, Zarco and Bagnaia. Otherwise I could have stayed with Iker because we had the same pace. When I am in front on the straight, I offer too much slipstream to those who are following me and this is a problem in the race. Today I really felt good and it's a good top ten, but I'm a bit angry because I could have done more. When that's the case it's difficult, because when you lose tenths after tenths on each straight, it's 6 or 7 seconds at the end of the race and it's a shame because I think I deserved a little more. "

But you did enjoy doing a lot of overtaking today.

"I did a lot of overtaking and had several battles and I think someone had some problems with the tires. I tried to manage them better, but I am disappointed because the only point on the track where I lose is when I put in fourth, fifth and sixth, that’s the moment when the rider can't do anything. You're tucked in the fairing and that's it. It's a bit disheartening, because you know you can go faster but you can't really do it. At least I can keep with me what good I found here, that is, good sensations in braking, in the corners and that is already good. Now I am waiting for tracks where you don’t keep the throttle as wide open ".

Today you did not do badly in comparison with the other KTMs, quite the contrary. Could this be the beginning of a different season finale?

"I'm the only rider in KTM who comes from another bike and I'm only really getting to grips with it now, I'm starting to ride automatically. We haven't had much time to sort things out. There will be tracks where the engine matters less."

Today the confirmation came of the return of your former teammate Andrea Dovizioso to Yamaha. What do you think?

"I'm happy for Andrea, who is back on the bike he wanted to ride with a real chess move. I think he has to thank Vinales and his behaviour, because otherwise I don't think it would have happened. But now he's back with Yamaha and I think he can go really well".


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