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MotoGP, Two years ago today, we said farewell to Luca Semprini

An excellent journalist and a dear friend passed away on the eve of the Brno Grand Prix, and we still miss him.”

MotoGP: Two years ago today, we said farewell to Luca Semprini


We had just arrived in Brno, two years ago today, and we didn’t get the chance to say good-bye to everyone after, especially our friend and former colleague, Luca Semprini. He had gone from being one of the most talented journalists that GPOne has ever had, to working in the press office of the Aruba Ducati team, first, in the Superbike, and then in the official Ducati team in the MotoGP.

He wasn’t only a young colleague with whom we got along with from the start, but also a real friend who we admired and were fond of, because you definitely need talent, but you only see results when there’s dedication involved. Yet, that Thursday passed, and we never got to see him again.

Unfortunately, Destiny didn’t want us to say good-bye to you, Luca. But, in the end, that’s not what matters: that wouldn’t have added anything extra to what we carry in our hearts for you and that your dad, Luciano, wrote about today on Instagram as a reminder of who you were.


Two years ago today. A message from @arturvilalta “[email protected]”. Unfortunately, he’s the one who gave me the terrible news. Right then and there, I couldn’t  even cry. I prepared to fly to Brno as soon as possible from Kefalonia. I didn’t want to believe it, even though I was aware that it had happened.

We had spoken the night before, like we always did. You were complaining because you had to wait hours for rental cars from Vienna and arrived late and tired. Then your last slumber. A hole remains in my soul.

 Thanks to my family and to all those who demonstrated their great esteem for you and who always remember you with great affection, @ducaticorse, @davidetardozziofficial, @paolociabatti, @dallignaluigi, @petrux9, @andreadovizioso, @serafinofoti, @chazdavies7, to the entire team @aruba.it_racing, to @gponedotcom, to your true friends, Marchino, @bacchellofficialregaz, @nonnogeppi, to Cesare, and to everyone you had in your heart and who always remember you. I continue to sail towards distant destinations, and you are everywhere, in the waves and in the wind. I’d also like to thank my true friends, who always stood by me without talking about it and hugged me without saying a thing.

 I continue to navigate because, if what you say is true, namely, that beauty will save the world, perhaps sailing will save my soul.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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