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MotoGP, Taramasso: “Do the riders like hard tires? More entertainment in the race.”

Michelin’s manager: “I’m surprised, but in a positive way. We’ll see different strategies in Assen. The new asphalt helps all tires work well.”

MotoGP: Taramasso: “Do the riders like hard tires? More entertainment in the race.”


Michelin arrived at Assen with doubts about the new asphalt, since they weren’t able to test on it. But things went even better than expected, because the track’s great grip allowed all of the compounds to work at their best, so much so that Manager Piero Taramasso didn’t expect many riders to choose the hard tire.

Yesterday, during the FP4, I said that I was surprised to see so many riders trying the hard rear tire and that I didn’t think they’d choose it for the race. The reason is simple. The soft and medium demonstrated to have good performance without problems in wear. The riders often prefer aggressive choices, so we thought they’d be oriented towards those,” Piero explained to us.

Instead, it seems like many riders favor the hard tire.

Even the hard showed it performed well. It works on those bikes that require more stability,” Taramasso continued. “After all, it’s been since the beginning of the weekend that we’ve been saying that all the tires work well, thanks to the new asphalt. You can race with all the options. I think we’ll see several choices during the race. It’s no surprise that the hard tire can be a valid choice for the race. Fifteen riders had chosen that compound two years ago for the GP. We know it performs well.”

It’s not the first time that a tire which is less attractive on paper has proven to be the right choice for some riders

I was surprised here, since I was in Barcelona when Oliveira picked the hard front and then won the race. This is all good news for us. The more specific ones work, the better it is for the entertainment, because you can see different strategies,” he concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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