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MotoGP, Vinales: “I’m first without having copied Quartararo’s set-up”

“I’m ignoring the criticism, because it’s the same as last Sunday. My problem is grip. When it’s there, I’m fast. When it’s not, I suffer.”

MotoGP: Vinales: “I’m first without having copied Quartararo’s set-up”

A great Friday! That’s what comes to mind if we look at what Maverick Vinales did at the end of this first day of free practice in Assen. The Spanish rider has, in fact, put the competition in line, opening the TT weekend in the best way possible.

So we can see a great deal of confidence in him, even if Maverick prefers to keep his feet firmly anchored to the ground for the rest of the Dutch weekend.

I’m really satisfied with this first day of testing,” Maverick said in an interview with Sky. “I didn’t even use the same set-up as Fabio today, since I didn’t have time. I quickly felt comfortable with the Yamaha and, consequently, I didn’t want to change a single thing on the bike. Tomorrow, however, I’ll try to copy Quartararo’s set-up, in order to understand and assess what the differences may be.

Vinales explains what his limits are on the M1.
When there’s grip, the bike is perfect. The problem is when we lack grip, since we start to suffer and don’t improve. So I have to look for that structure that allows me to progress. The thing I understood is that racing after the Moto2 races affects me, since I have less grip.

Certainly, the past week was complicated for Maverick, to say the least, so much so that there was no shortage of criticism, as well as rumors related to a possible withdrawal.
I completely ignore the criticism, since I’m still the same rider I was last week when I finished last. Like I said, when there’s grip, I'm fast, when there’s no grip, I suffer, like what happened in Germany. I just need to find grip and, here at Assen, I was fast right from the start because we were lucky to find these conditions.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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