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MotoGP, Petrucci convinced he has given everything he has should he not stay with KTM

“I am satisfied with what I have done, but not with the results I’ve achieved, I couldn’t do any more. There was no reason for Lecuona to make that move at Sachsenring "

MotoGP: Petrucci convinced he has given everything he has should he not stay with KTM

Danilo Petrucci is aiming to make amends for his disappointing form, but at the same time he is also aware that the first part of the season has not gone exactly in the right direction. Arriving in Assen, before the summer break, it's time for the Italian to take stock of the situation and look to the future.

At the moment his name is at the centre of the rider market, also because KTM has not confirmed its option for 2022. Petrucci hopes to continue the adventure with Tech3, but at the same time he has to deal with the competition and the young generation.

"The choice linked to my future is not up to me, since my task is to try to give my best and be fast on the track - began Danilo - so I mustn’t think about 2022 or Lecuona, but simply focus on myself to do my best ".

The contract is however the main issue on which the rider from Terni is pressed for an answer…

“This situation has always accompanied me in my racing career. This season I have never held back, as I have always given my best on the bike. If this is enough to stay I will be very happy, otherwise I still know that I have given everything I had. I couldn't do any more ”.

For sure the last round did not leave Danilo with any smiles or joy...

"There is only disappointment for the Sachsenring crash, in fact I was very sad, since I felt comfortable on the bike and the sensations were excellent. There was no reason for Iker to try that kind of overtaking move, even more so among teammates. But I don’t want to talk any more about this”.

However, there is still a lot of bitterness …

“When the races are over immediately and it is not my fault there is a lot of disappointment. Germany could have been a good opportunity to finish in the top ten. Here at Assen I would like to be further ahead than last week in qualifying ”.

Petrucci then looks forward to this weekend, with one eye on Brad Binder.

“I don't know exactly what the difference is between my bike and the factory one. In Germany I was very close to Brad and my pace was similar to his. The only problem is when there are long straights, where I suffer more than the others. For sure Oliveira did a great job at Sachsenring, managing the tires as best as possible and finding the necessary speed in the corners to be competitive. I'm trying to use my full potential, obviously considering what my weight is ”.

Despite last week’s DNF, the Tech3 rider is eager to get going again this weekend...

“I want to continue with the progress of the Sachsenring, but trying to be faster in qualifying. Assen is an old-fashioned track, with no stop-starts, one of those I know best. It is one of my favourite tracks and I will try to make progress, aiming to stay in the top ten during free practice . At the moment Oliveira is fast with the KTM and we must try to be close to him ”.

Too bad he can't go back in time and change something about his adventure with Tech3…

“I would have liked to have finished the race last Sunday, as well as the one in Qatar. In Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, I made a mistake, while at Le Mans it would have been nice if it rained a bit more, since maybe I would have made it to the podium. However, I am satisfied with the work done, but not with the results achieved ”.

Meanwhile, Maggiora is preparing to host the MXGP round in ten days. Dovizioso will probably be one of the expected riders. The invitation was also sent to Petrucci, but the two former teammates won’t meet up again there.

“They invited me, but I won't be there, I'm going to the beach. I will watch the race on TV ”.


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