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MotoGP, Puig: “An important victory for Marquez and Honda, but the problems remain.”

“To think we've solved them would be a mistake. We’ll have other ups and downs this reason. We have to thank Marc for all he’s done.”

MotoGP: Puig: “An important victory for Marquez and Honda, but the problems remain.”


Marquez’s victory at the Sachsenring was perhaps his most important one of his entire career. Because it represented a return to normality for the cannibal from Cervera. Honda’s team manager, Alberto Puig, commented on a historic day.

Winning at the Sachsenring was very important,”  he said. “It was an incredibly important day, even more so for the rider. Marc Marquez spent a lot of time suffering, without competing, without results, and that’s very painful for a rider like him. We have to appreciate what he did and thank him for all his efforts during this time. Then, what he did in Germany, was truly incredible. It was very important for the Repsol Honda Team, for all the staff who work at HRC, for all the people who support us here on the track and behind the scenes, engineers, technicians, everyone. It’s a special day. It’s a day to thank everyone, especially Marc.”

Marc’s success also marked Honda’s return to victory after 581 days of fasting.

For a company like Honda, which is used to winning many races over the course of its racing life, this period has been very painful,” the team manager admitted. “But we understand that life can be difficult at times, and we have some problems right now. We’re working to overcome them in the best way possible, trying to solve them. We understand that we have some weaknesses. We’ve acknowledged them. We also know that Marc isn’t in best of shape. Sunday was an important day because we were able to win, but we don’t think our problems are solved. We’ll work to give all our riders, not just Marc, the best bike  possible.

But there won’t be much time to celebrate, because the Assen GP is already upon us.

I think that each member of the team will have their own way of enjoying these few hours between races and will celebrate in their own way, especially Marc,” Alberto continued. “Now we’re moving to Assen, and there won’t be time to play there. We’ll arrive, we’ll discover a completely different scenario, it’ll probably be cold, with a lot of rain, but we’ll see what the story is again.”

Puig knows that a swallow does not a summer make and that a positive result can’t change the face of the season.

Honestly speaking, I don’t think so. I think we have to solve our problems, and Marc has to keep recovering,” was his opinion. “We’ll have ups and downs this season. The result at the Sachsenring was very important, but it doesn’t mean that we have now solved everything. Thinking like this would be a mistake. We should think about what we can improve, little by little, and face the new battle in Assen.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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