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MotoGP, Bagnaia: “I don’t like the Sachsenring. I’ll have to adapt, not the bike.”

“I know what it takes to be fast, and I’m sure that I’ll feel good on the bike, but this will be the hardest track of the season. Marquez, the favored, is in his best physical condition.”

MotoGP: Bagnaia: “I don’t like the Sachsenring. I’ll have to adapt, not the bike.”


Pecco Bagnaia is not particularly enthusiastic about racing at the Sachsenring. The layout of the track doesn’t seem to favor the characteristics of his Ducati, but it seems like the problem is more related to the fact that the rider simply doesn’t like this track. Pecco candidly admits this when talking with reports before the race weekend, proving to be perfectly aware of being faced with the most difficult challenge of this 2021, up until now.

However, the Italian doesn’t appear disturbed and tries to find a way to see the glass half full, only to affirm something that risks putting everything in a different light. He does so when he talks about Marc Marquez who, according to the Ducati rider, no longer suffers from the problems that have conditioned him up to now on the bike.

I think Marquez is the favored,” Bagnaia said dryly. “He was fast in Barcelona. He was fast in the tests, and he’s physically at his best, so he’ll go fast.”

A Marquez in perfect shape on his favorite track. A combination that makes this Sachsenring probably the most difficult stage of the World Championship.
This is undoubtedly the most difficult track for me and for Ducati. I don’t like this track. It’s hard for me to go fast here. In 2017, I got on the podium in the Moto2, and I was also fast in 2018. I know what it takes to go fast here, but it’s not easy for me. Managing the tires is complicated. You can’t heat them up too much. In any case, I’m confident that I can have a good weekend here.

Is the biggest problem you or the bike?
This is the worst track for me. We always adapt the bike. Here, I’ll have to adapt. I honestly don’t like it very much. I’ll have to make a difference in my opinion. I’m convinced that I’ll like the bike immediately, but I’ll have to work on it a bit more in my opinion.”

You said you know what it takes to be fast here. What does that mean?
It’s simple math. You have to use a lot of speed on entry here and then accelerate a little when exiting to prevent from overheating the tires.

It seems that, of all the Ducati riders, you’re the one who suffers the least from the Desmosedici's primorial problem, namely the ability to close corners. Do you have a technique that’s different from all the others?
I don’t know what I do differently than the other riders, but I know I brake harder than the others. When I enter the corner, I’m already in perfect line. I don’t have to skid the rear. I think this is the biggest difference compared to other Ducati riders. I lean the bike a lot when entering in braking, while others do it in a different way. Among other things, it is a technique that doesn’t work if it rains. It would be better to race in dry conditions here.”

Forcada complimented you. They don’t give points, but they’ll lecture you.

Forcada’s words please. Hearing certain things from a technician who has had many riders, all very strong, is absolutely great, and I’m happy to have heard them.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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