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SBK, Redding says 20 kg weight difference was major factor in Rinaldi’s Misano win

“There are a few things to change on this Ducati. I spoke to Dall’Igna and told him what I need, but I can't get it now. Ducati wants to win, I don't know if we'll do it together in the future, but I'm willing to stay."

SBK: Redding says 20 kg weight difference was major factor in Rinaldi’s Misano win

It might not be a defeat, but it’s something very similar. Misano in fact left a bitter taste in the mouth of Scott Redding, who was forced to take a hit from Rinaldi and Rea extending his lead in the championship. The Aruba rider’s expectations were quite different in the Riviera, but in the end the reality was something else leaving the British rider with a bit of disappoinment.

“What is there to say about this race - Scott began - it is obviously a pity to have finished like this this Saturday. Unfortunately, when I was in the race, I didn't feel the right grip on the front, I also didn't have confidence, so much so that I suffered for 21 laps. I tried to push, finding confidence in some moments, but I also risked crashing. As I said, I'm disappointed about this race, since the other Ducatis were fast, especially Michael, who won his first race of the season ”.

On the Riviera circuit Rinaldi managed to show his skills unlike Scott…

“It's strange, because Michael and I had the same rear tyre, but I couldn't improve, on the contrary I risked a lot. Among other things, I also saw Johnny take a risk, but he did a great save to avoid crashing. "

We begin to wonder about the difficulties encountered by the #45…

“I think smaller riders benefit more in these conditions. Compared to Michael, I am 20 kg heavier and this makes a lot of difference, as I have to push harder on the front than the others. For sure Michael showed that he knows how to get on well in these conditions, while Rea suffered, but certainly much less than me ”.

The  disappointment is plain to see on Scott’s face...

“I'm not angry with the team, and certainly not with my squad, but this is certainly not the position I wanted to find myself in, since my goals were quite different. Today in the race I tried to avoid risks, because I was afraid of going down, so I didn’t push as hard as I wanted ”.

Yesterday, in Misano, Gigi Dall’Igna was present, while today Claudio Domenicali. Scott was asked if he talked about the development of the bike.

“I spoke to Gigi yesterday and it was helpful. For now there is no immediate solution to solve our problems. It's strange, because last year Rinaldi won at Aragon, while this year he suffered. What can I say, this is the current situation ”.

Despite the gap in the standings, motivation remains high for the #45...

“Ducati wants to win races, the World Championship, develop the bike and be strong. I don't know if in the future we will do it together or not, although I am willing to stay in this team. But I think we need to work on some things to change this bike and find more confidence. As you well know, in this Championship we are fighting against the Kawasaki, a bike with a proven and solid base, which has turned it into a winner over time with Rea. The Ducati has changed a lot from 2018 to 2019, thanks to the introduction of the V4, but we definitely need to improve for the future. "

He had one last consideration about the tests…

“It's true, we lapped here in April, but the conditions were very different from today. In the race the temperature reached 50 degrees and in April it was lower.”


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