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MotoGP, Alpinestars: “Quartararo’s suit had no problem”

After an initial investigation, the manufacturer ensured that the zippers worked correctly, and the airbag did not open since there was no fall.

MotoGP: Alpinestars: “Quartararo’s suit had no problem”


After the Barcelona GP, Fabio Quartararo said he didn’t know why the zipper of his suit opened. The Alpinestars technicians analyzed it carefully and found no problems, as the manufacturer explained in its Twitter profile.

Following Sunday’s MotoGP race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the Alpinestars’ Racing Development team commenced an investigation into the integrity of Fabio Quartararo’s racing suit. Upon an initial analysis post-race in the Alpinestars Racing Development truck located in the MotoGP paddock, the team found the suit to be in normal working order with all zippers and fasteners fully functioning. Furthermore, all the suit’s componentry, including the Tech-Air® Airbag System, were intact and fully functioning.

However, the technicians will perform a more in-depth investigation.

This is only a first assessment, to be further investigated once the suit is in the Alpinestars laboratory at the Alpinestars headquarters, conducting all testing and analysis to  understand more about the cause of what happened.

The Tech-Air® Airbag System did not deploy during the race, it functioned as expected, as there was no crash situation.”





Translated by Leila Myftija

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