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MotoGP, Quartararo says he accepts the penalty for the leathers, but not for the short cut

“I took a risk with my leathers open, but when I cut through at Turn 1 I was falling and I lost time. We are riders not robots. The KTMs can fight for the title"

MotoGP: Quartararo says he accepts the penalty for the leathers, but not for the short cut


The next day is an opportunity to get back on track, but at the same time to express a few words about what happened during the GP on Sunday, which had quite a few implications. In addition to missing out on the podium, Quartararo also picked up a three-second penalty for his leathers malfunction, finishing the race in sixth position.

On this matter, the Frenchman expressed his final viewpoint, without neglecting the penalty linked to the short cut.

“First of all, I think now the story is finished I can be happy because it’s difficult to admit, but for me it was black flag,” he admitted. “It’s true that I put in danger myself and also with what happened last week I think it was the correct thing. But I was lucky. The only penalty I don’t agree with was the shortcut because I don’t feel it was fair. I lost seven tenths, but if I lost one second the penalty was gone, and how do I know on the bike I lose seven tenths of one second? That was a little bit stupid. But I admit the second penalty. I was angry, of course, but better this than zero points.”

The Frenchman was then pressed on the matter....

“Regarding the safety, the more there is the better it is. But we are getting into some things that I really don’t like, like Oliveira and Mir in Mugello on the last lap. They exceeded the track limits, but it’s not track limits out of the kerb, it was the end of the kerb. It’s not giving any gains. The shortcut, I mean I don’t go through because I wanted to go straight. I lost the front, I crashed and I went straight. If it was gravel there I would go in the gravel. You get a three-second penalty for a shortcut, but the shortcut was slower than normal, so it’s not a shortcut. So, for me the rules are getting more and more strict, we can’t always be precisely on the line. We can make mistakes and I think it’s taking out the fun side of the show and we are not robots, so I think a little bit of mistakes is allowed by the riders and more when you need to make 24 laps on the limit.”

After that, the focus shifted to the tests.

"Today we worked on a new set-up and the electronics, as yesterday Oliveira was stronger than me and I wanted to improve as a result. The balance is positive, as we went in the right direction. I am happy with what we did. Michelin also brought a new rear tyre, similar to the medium and the sensations were not bad. It might be true that in the tests the sensations are different compared to qualifying and it is difficult to understand everything in detail. In fact, I tried to stay calm, finishing an hour earlier ".

Fabio then spoke about how he prepares for the races.

“Music is the thing that helps me the most, especially before free practice and qualification. I don't listen to it before the race, because I'm nervous. I like French music, even American music, I love singers like Kanye West ”.

After this brief digression, he then got back on track, talking about the holeshot device.

"I have to admit that I only use it in some corners, but not for braking. In braking we find no particular help with the holeshot ".

He had time for one final word about Oliveira and this KTM, in the wake of yesterday's victory.

“In the race I struggled in the left corners, while he was able to be very effective, especially in corner entry. For sure the KTM has improved, it has taken an important step forward and I am convinced that this year they will be able to fight for the World Championship, despite the difficulties encountered at the beginning of the season. We saw their potential at Mugello and then they confirmed it here in Barcelona ”.


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