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MotoGP, Chance of two Grands Prix in Austin, Misano could also double up

The MotoGP may go to Texas, while the Sepang race is still uncertain. If it’s cancelled, Misano will organize 2 GPs.

MotoGP: Chance of two Grands Prix in Austin, Misano could also double up


The MotoGP season has gone according to plan so far, with the only exception of the cancellation of the Finnish GP, which was promptly replaced with a double at the Red Bull Ring. At the moment, all the European races are confirmed, and racing shouldn't be a problem, with spectators being allowed to watch in person, like in Barcelona, and like what will also occur in Assen.

But what's not certain as of now are oversea trips. Despite the fact that it’s still not official, Australia, Argentina, Japan, and Thailand will skip the round this year. Austin, on the other hand, would like to host the Grand Prix, and may even have two. In fact, a double in Texas is being considered, also to justify the logistical costs of a trip to the States.

What's still up in the air, on the other hand, is the Malaysian GP. Sepang would like to organize the race, but the pandemic will be making the decision for them. So, if that round is cancelled, the Misano circuit might host two Grand Prixs, just like last year.




Translated by Leila Myftija

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