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MotoGP, Vinales says decision to have Galbusera as new crew chief was taken by Yamaha

“It's an unexpected choice, but they believe in me and they know I can win. I spoke with Esteban about it, for me he is much more than a crew chief "

MotoGP: Vinales says decision to have Galbusera as new crew chief was taken by Yamaha

The big news of the day is the change of crew chief in Maverick Vinales' garage. In the morning, Yamaha made official the handover of the job from Esteban Garcia to Silvano Galbusera. Rossi's former crew chief will now begin to support the Spaniard starting from the Barcelona round with the aim of getting him back to fight for the top positions.

“Basically, from three or four races ago, I didn’t feel good, I didn’t feel at the maximum potential,” said Maverick. “So I was talking a lot with Yamaha, Yamaha decided to face this with another strategy, that was to change the crew chief, and I believe in Yamaha.”

After Forcada and Garcia, this is a third crew chief for Maverick…

“This is a totally different story than with Forcada. Yamaha has decided to opt for a different strategy. They want me to give my best, making the most of the M1's potential. When the bike is fast I am too, so we want to be back with the fastest riders. Unfortunately something was not working and the manufacturer decided to intervene ”.

The last few races have in fact been pretty disappointing for Vinales…

“I started well in first practice and then I got worse. The change of crew chief was unexpected for me choice, but Yamaha wanted a reaction. They have invested in me and I believe in them. For sure sometimes we show very high potential and what Yamaha is trying to do is to bring me to that potential.”

Garcia represents the past and Maverick feels a bit sorry about the decision....

“I spoke with Esteban about this, because first of all he’s my friend. We have a very good relationship. I went many times to his house, I know his wife, his daughter, and for sure our relationship will continue, even if he’s not my crew chief. But in the other hand I understand very well that we need to take out the maximum. We have our team-mate that is winning and we are doing top 10.”

In Barcelona, ​​therefore, the adventure begins alongside Galbusera.

“I believe in the team much more than in the past. Silvano has great experience and can give me great support right now. Deep down I know I can win and fight for the World Championship, in fact we won in Qatar. On that occasion, however, I had five days to work on the bike, while now only 40 minutes. As already mentioned Yamaha believes that Galbusera can help me to perform at my best, because he can give me what I need. I had the opportunity to speak with him and he will be by my side until the end of the season. It will be important to build a good base from which to start ”.


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