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MotoGP, Rossi convinced the death of Dupasquier's must serve to reduce the risks

"I'm happy for Galbusera, he can help Vinales. In the next few days we will decide between Ducati and Yamaha for the VR46 team in MotoGP"

MotoGP: Rossi convinced the death of Dupasquier's must serve to reduce the risks


Just a few days have passed since the Mugello tragedy and Dupasquier's thoughts are still in the riders' minds. Including in that of Valentino Rossi who remembers Barcelona last Sunday. "Hearing of the death of Jason disappearance was devastating - he explains - I knew from Saturday night that his condition was desperate, but when the news came, just over an hour before the race, when you were starting to concentrate, it was difficult. It depends a lot on everyone's character, it was tough for everyone, but for some even more ”.

What do you do at that moment?

“You have to look forward, you have no other possibility. Unless you run away. If you stay, you have to be 100% focused because when you get on the bike it is always dangerous and if you are not it becomes even more so. Just a few days have passed, we already have another race weekend, and I think it would be nice to deal intelligently with what happened to understand how to reduce the risks, not to let everything pass like this."

Another race weekend, this time in Barcelona…

“This has always been one of my favourite tracks, from the first time I lapped here. Also last year was the best Grand Prix for me, even if it ended in a crash ”.

There will also be your former crew chief Galbusera, in the Vinales box...

“I am very happy for Silvano, because he will be able to do his real job. He knows the M1 well and also the team, I think he has been with Yamaha for 25 or 30 years, I think he can help Maverick ”.

Vinales said the change of crew chief was imposed on him by Yamaha…

"I don't know anything about that, I only became aware of the change a few days ago, but usually these things are decided together because it is an important choice".

Without Galbusera isn’t there a risk that the test team will be weakened?

“I think Silvano can do both. Certainly in the test team he needs an experienced technician who knows the bike, I think Yamaha has a replacement ”.

The rider transfer market has started to move, at what point is the 2021 program for your team in MotoGP?

“In the next few days there should be a decision between Yamaha and Ducati, while as far as the riders are concerned, we would like to have some guys from our Academy. As for the other movements, they didn't surprise me, Zarco and Martin are doing well and I expected them to stay with Pramac, which has factory bikes. Binder is very strong and has always been in KTM, it will be interesting to see Remy Gardner in MotoGP and he can be fast. I think Wayne will be delighted, Remy is a very nice guy as well as a fast rider”.


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