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MotoGP, Bastianini confirms that Gresini is close to signing and he’d like to stay with Ducati

"My discharged airbag at Mugello? At the end of the Mugello race, Alpinestar told me that even if the airbag was discharged and flashing, it actually has another three hours of autonomy. I didn't expect Zarco to brake, I had other thoughts"  

MotoGP: Bastianini confirms that Gresini is close to signing and he’d like to stay with Ducati


The Italian Grand Prix has become a memory that Enea Bastianini wants to erase entirely. After making contact on the starting grid with Johann Zarco, the Italian tried to take part in the race, but he crashed a second time and then retired. Despite some pain, the Ducati Avintia team rider is determined to make amends from tomorrow morning at the Catalan race weekend.

"The weekend at Mugello was strange and also really difficult, starting with Jason - said Enea - At the end of the sighting lap I hit Zarco because he braked hard. I was accelerating and it was impossible not to hit him. From the led I saw that the airbag wasn’t working, but luckily it exploded anyway. At the end of the race the Alpinestar guys told me that even if it is discharged and flashing it actually has another three hours of autonomy, so it would have worked anyway. Mugello was complicated enough for everyone. I'm really disappointed, I could have had a good race and it wasn't possible. Now there is Barcelona, ​​one of my favourite tracks, I want to be fast here ".

We know that you already have a contract with Ducati for next year and we also know that Gresini is now very close to Ducati. Do you have any news?

“Yes, Gresini is very close to signing with Ducati. At the moment I don't have any news other than this either. We will see what happens this weekend and the next. I would like to continue with Ducati and I think it could be possible, but at the moment I don't know yet ”.

What would you have said if Dorna had asked you riders to decide whether or not to race at Mugello? Maybe taking the minute’s silence wasn't really the right way to help your concentration…

“It was certainly very special, the minute’s silence before departure makes you lose your concentration and think about something else. At that moment we didn't need it, but it was difficult because the news was already out. I would have preferred not to race but in the end we did it normally ”.

Because of what happened on the grid: wouldn't it usually be better not to be behind another rider?

“The difference is that 50 meters after a bend you don't expect something like that. I didn’t expect it, I was also taken by other thoughts that did not help me. That's how it went! ”.

After the crash you said you hurt your leg, how are you now?

"I'm a little better, my calf hurts a bit. Actually, I got hurt in the second crash. I pulled a muscle: three and a half centimetres. The first two days it hurt a lot but now I'm fine ”.

Do you have any ambitions for the coming days?

“I would like to be fast and try to achieve speed, as well as in practice, also in qualifying and in the race. So far I have only been fast in one or the other, I have to find the right compromise ".


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