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MotoGP, Bagnaia convinced Dupasquier's tragedy can be accepted, but not forgotten

"They tore me apart for what I said, people don’t understand our situation. Quartararo is a very strong rival, I can no longer afford to lose points"

MotoGP: Bagnaia convinced Dupasquier's tragedy can be accepted, but not forgotten


The words of Pecco Bagnaia last Sunday at Mugello gave rise to a lot of controversy, not always pleasant for him. The Ducati rider had made it clear that he would have preferred not to race and a lot of people, on social media, also accused him of looking for excuses for his mistake.

"Anything I say now will be misinterpreted, I know, I have been torn apart enough already - explained the Italian in Barcelona - Unfortunately, people at home can’t understand our situation, I mean that that crash happened because I was not focussed. People can think what they want, but I was on the bike and I made a stupid and banal mistake that I would never have made in a normal situation. I never went on the curb all weekend going into the Arrabbiata 2, it was a mistake due to poor concentration and little serenity. Unfortunately I read some very bad things about me, I think that forgetting a misfortune like that was not in good taste ”.

The days at home were useful for Pecco to get his serenity back…

“I tried to accept what happened and it wasn't easy - he continued - In the end you think that this is our passion and that Dupasquier had the same dream, but such a tragedy cannot be forgotten. I think that this weekend all the riders will be racing for Jason again and we will do so for the seasons to come ”.

In a way, being able to focus on another race helps. To do this, Bagnaia began by talking about Mugello…

"Normally on Mondays I look back at all the sessions, but this time I didn't - he said - Anyway I had a pace that was similar to that of Quartararo, probably with used tyres I was competitive, I was the only Ducati rider who could fight for the victory . I want to start from there and start making up the points on Fabio ”.

Who in the standings is breaking away…

"He is a great opponent, he is strong and consistent and has found his dimension in the official Yamaha team - Pecco acknowledged - I can no longer afford to lose points from him, I am already more than one race behind and I have already had one zero , I can't make any more mistakes. From this GP I'll try to stay ahead of him ”.

Bagnaia has already been able to appreciate the work done at turn 10, which has returned to a design more similar to the past after the bikes used the version destined for Formula 1 for a few years.

"Since they changed it, I began to struggle at that point - he remembers - It is better in this new version, smoother at the entrance and also not as dangerous, before there were a lot of crashes there".


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