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MotoGP, Cadalora: “Marquez is no longer magic, now it’s time for change”

VIDEO – “There are moments in a rider’s career when you feel invincible, but they end, and you have to accept it. It’s like going from adolescence to maturity.”

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Marc Marquez is fighting with all his might to quickly return to the levels we had gotten used to. It’s not an easy journey, and Le Mans proved that, with two falls in a race where he went beyond his (physical) limits and re-emerged, albeit briefly, in first place.

It’s not an easy moment for the Spanish prodigy, who is definitely in a crucial stage of his career. Luca Cadalora, our guest on last Sunday’s live broadcast at the end of the French GP, explained it well. (If you missed it, you can watch it above.)

Luca underlined how the stars sometimes align perfectly for a rider, but also that this phase ends sooner or later.

There are moments in the career of a rider in which there’s magic and everything is always perfect. I had experienced it too, you don’t even know why, but that’ how it is, and you’re also lucky,” he said. “Then there comes a moment, which can coincide with other episodes, such as a fall, with more serious consequences than usual, or maybe a fight with your girlfriend, where this magic breaks. You’re no longer a carefree child, things no longer work. The magic is gone, and it’s difficult to accept it. But you have to, you have to change, you cannot do things as you did before. If you change, you can still win but, if you don’t, it becomes a big deal.

According to Cadalora, Marc is in this transition phase.

It’s like when you go from adolescence to maturity. You have to do it. You can’t be a kid anymore,”  he continued. “Marquez has been in that magic for eight years, but he has to change his approach to racing from now on.”

Which also means changing the way he rides.

Marc was already doing things in the Moto2 that no one else did, and he tried to bring that style to the MotoGP,” Luca explained. “He created this bond between him and the bike, which is made to do those phenomenal and incredible things. If you try to ride the Honda like ninenty-five percent of the other riders, then it doesn’t work. Either Marquez changes a bit too, and develops a bike that can be used without always taking risks, or he’ll continue to risk as he always did.

Luca advises him to change.

It’s great when you feel invincible. That magic excites you, but it ends. This would be the right time for him to do something different, to reduce risks and, in my opinion, he could however still be very strong,” he concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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