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Moto3, VIDEO – Becoming a champion: Acosta trains at 14 on the Honda 600

In a video from three years ago, Pedro shows all his skills training in a gymkhana with the Japanese 4-cylinder

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You’re born with talent, but it then takes a lot of work to refine it. Those who believe that Pedro Acosta - this year’s Moto3 surprise - can only count on the gifts mother nature gave him, are wrong. Despite his very young age (he’ll be 17 in a week), the Spanish rider started riding a motorcycle very early in life (at 5) and has never stopped.

In the video above, we see a 14-year-old Pedro struggling with a workout: on a Honda 600, he learns to control the bike in a very tight gymkhana between the pins. Acosta does great by controlling the power of the 4-cylinder at very low speeds and seems to have the speed of a cat when changing direction.

Acosta has a spectacular style on the small Moto3s, and you can see here how he developed it.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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