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MotoGP, Le Mans GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A red rainbow appears over the Bugatti circuit, with Miller continuing to dream. Suzuki’s race was a nightmare, Marquez returned to the lead, but for a short time

MotoGP: Le Mans GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly


A rainbow appeared at Le Mans after the rain, but it was all red, with only a splash of blue. The man who changed the colours was Miller, who might also be nicknamed Thriller but he seems to prefer stories with a happy ending. A lick of paint was also provided by Zarco, who definitively put an end to his period in black and white, and Bagnaia, now specialized in comebacks.

Only Quartararo was able to resist against the wave of Ducatis, surfing along with his Yamaha while his brand mates floundered and sank without trace. Vive la France, said the Japanese men from Iwata. The guys from Tokyo found Marquez again, but it was Alex, while Marc pushed too hard and came away with little. A refreshing shower came with Petrucci, and it was needed after all the dust he’s been eating on the KTM.

Now it’s time for Mugello, where we’re in for a wild ride....

THE GOOD – It’s got to be Ducati, with its racing revolutionaries. There is Jack Miller, who has been laughing up his sleeve for a couple of Sundays now. There is Johann Zarco, who has gone from an existentialist mood to a carnival one. There is Pecco Bagnaia, who likes to complicate his life on Saturdays but then gets forgiven on Sunday. Three Musketeers dressed in red: all for one and one for all, until the lights go out, then it’s every man for himself. And it works.

THE BAD – How many slaps on the wrist does it take to make Mir and Rins look like Dumbo's stunt doubles? The Suzuki is still a great bike, but its riders are doing everything they can to keep it from reaching the finish line. Amidst disastrous qualifying sessions and races thrown to the wind, their positions in the standings bring tears to your eyes…

THE UGLY - 'Smoke on the Water' sang Deep Purple, some time before seeing what happened to the engine of Lorenzo Savadori's Aprilia in the rain at Le Mans. We can't think of a song about the failure of the other RS-GP, that of Aleix Espargarò. Even without musical accompaniment, the result was identical. Pity.

THE DISAPPOINTMENT - Too bad it can't rain forever, because every time the sky gets dark the sun comes out for Petrucci. Danilo needed a good result like a fish needs water (here we are again), but the KTM is still a mystery. He did not waste the opportunity but we need a step forward from him even when the Rain God is not on his side.

THE CONFIRMATION - Weak in the head, slow in the wet, forget the old Quartararo. The new one dances around in the wet and is immune to pressure. Super Fabio completed his transformation in the box on his home track and is ready to face the Ducati horde. For the moment he’s the only one…

THE MISTAKE - He did not let go of the handlebars and clutch even for one second, while he was sliding on the asphalt of Le Mans. Pedro Acosta paid the price for his inexperience, but he did not lose heart. Just enough time to get the bike up and he was back on it again. The shark has not only the makings of a champion, but also the attitude.

THE SURPRISE – Rossi… but in this time Riccardo. No blood relationship with the Italian national symbol Valentino, were it not for his DNA as a rider. His first podium arrived at Le Mans, with the fastest lap on the last lap, proof of the willpower of a young guy who has had to pay his dues. Now that he has sat down at the table with the best, he will have to stay there.

THE PASS - In the pits, in full F1 style, but something that gave him a free track in front for the first time since his return after injury. Marc Marquez's instinct as a predator is not tarnished, indeed it still shines with its own light. His body, on the other hand, still has some aches and pains. The Phenom is still hungry, he will only need a bit of time to appease it.


THE CURIOSITY - Le Mans is an ice skating rink. In the three days of the Grand Prix there were 117 crashes between the various classes. A new record for the Bugatti circuit, not that it’s something to be particularly proud of...

I TOLD YOU SO - Marc Marquez in firefighter version on Fridays: "Instinct tells me to take risks, but I can't". On Sundays however he was an arsonist… with two crashes to his name.


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