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MotoGP, Ezpeleta: "The holeshot device will not be banned, the manufacturers decide the rules"

"If there is no general agreement, everything remains the way it is, the same as it was for the wings. The riders decide on safety in their committee, the manufacturers make the rules through the MSMA"

MotoGP: Ezpeleta:

Recently, Marc Marquez had expressed his negative opinion regarding the holeshot, the mechanical system that 'lowers' the bike to help with starts and which is now also used to improve acceleration when exiting corners and braking.

"When you put it in - said the eight-time world champion - it seems that the bike is more powerful, because it accelerates better and so you get to the braking point even faster. Physically riding becomes more demanding, moreover, braking later you compress the braking points: for the TV it is worse because there are fewer passes ".

Immediately, following the principle that ‘it’s wrong to think badly of someone but often you are right’, there was talk of pressure from Honda to eliminate the device. A rumour immediately denied by Carmelo Ezpeleta himself.

"My opinion is that there are technical rules that are accepted by all manufacturers and that can only be changed if all the manufacturers agree - said the CEO of Dorna - The manufacturers, who are in the MSMA, have not said anything. If the riders want something they have to communicate it to their respective factories. In the same way that the factories say nothing about the safety issues on the circuit, which are up to the riders, the technical issues are the responsibility of the Grand Prix Commission through the MSMA ”.

No technical changes are on the cards therefore…

"We are not about to ban the holeshot - reiterated Ezpeleta - either this season or next. The rules are what they are. Either everyone agrees or they don't change. We have rules that have been reached by consensus and those rules are valid for everyone and everyone makes bikes with those rules. If everyone does not agree that they want to change them, they cannot be changed. It happened with the wings: they reached an agreement and in the end it was accepted ”.

Carmelo Ezpeleta also denied the rumours going around that someone, getting around the regulations, is using a device that is not exclusively mechanical, as is expressly required by the regulation.


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