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MotoGP, P. Espargarò: "Puig's presence is important, he understands riders"

“For the Japanese engineers, the rider is a number put on a bike with many other numbers. Puig instead explains to me what changes between me and Marquez. The real victory is not being fast today, but on the other tracks "

MotoGP: P. Espargarò: "Puig's presence is important, he understands riders"


It is a radiant Pol Espargarò who recorded the fourth quickest time at Le Mans on Friday, so much so that he turns out to be the best of the Honda riders on the track. The Spaniard was able to send a very clear signal, showing a step forward compared to the last few outings.

As if that were not enough, in France the #44 found Alberto Puig, a decisive element in the HRC house, once again on the pit wall…

“The presence of Puig is really important for me - began Pol - first of all he was a rider and so he understands us riders and our needs. It is easier for me to interface with him than with a Japanese. With this I absolutely do not want to point the finger at the technicians and engineers, but I simply have a more human relationship. Engineers and technicians are used to working with numbers and a rider is a number put on a bike characterized by many others. This is an aspect that limits you a lot ”.

Pol explained his point of view in more detail…

“When you talk to the technicians and engineers, they can tell you that in that particular point Marc brakes better than me, or he accelerates more aggressively. Alberto's contribution is important because you work with him on a technical level. He goes into detail, explaining why Marc performs better than me, perhaps because he follows one line rather than another or because he opens the throttle earlier ".

Having dealt with the subject of Puig, Espargarò then spoke about his Friday.

“I am happy with what we have done, seeing as after the Jerez tests we were able to find a direction to follow. In the Jerez tests I did almost 100 laps, finding something useful to reduce the problems we had. In fact, here at Le Mans I don't feel the difficulties at the rear when entering corners, and I also feel more comfortable on the bike. I don't know if this all depends on the track or not, but as mentioned the sensations are better and there is a lot of confidence. "

Obviously the #44 is keeping his feet firmly anchored to the ground…

"I want to remain calm, avoiding easy enthusiasm, since it is only Friday and the weekend has just begun. For sure, starting on the right foot is important, since we have worked in the right direction. The real victory however is to be competitive on all tracks and in any conditions, such as at Mugello and Barcelona. If we were to confirm the progress there too, then we have done something great ".


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