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MotoGP, Dovizioso and the future: "Wild-cards are not in my plans for the moment"

"We were unlucky, but we used the time available to sort out the position on the seat. Another test would be needed, but for the moment it makes no sense to talk about races."

MotoGP: Dovizioso and the future: "Wild-cards are not in my plans for the moment"


Andrea Dovizioso's two days of testing on the Aprilia RS-GP have come to an end at Mugello and the true protagonist was unfortunately the particularly adverse weather. Rain and cold did not give much respite to the rider and team, who could not carry out all the scheduled work and above all did not allow Andrea Dovizioso to try to get near the limit of the bike.

The first contact at Jerez had gone well, but Dovi said it was necessary to adapt the bike to himself through dedicated ergonomics. Mugello was supposed to be zero hour to explore the full potential of an RS-GP that with the excellent races of Aleix Espargarò in this 2021 season has undoubtedly enticed Andrea, making him want to get back onto the bike. The appointment with the stopwatch however appears only to have been postponed, because in the meeting with the journalists, Dovizioso appeared to be more than open about a third test perhaps in Misano, as suggested yesterday by Massimo Rivola.

Two days marred by the weather. Is the way open for a third test with Aprilia?

"The path to a third test at Misano is viable. We'll talk about it."

How can you sum up this test? Have you got a better idea of ​​the RS-GP?

"Unfortunately the weather was not good, and even at this moment it is bad. Yesterday we did two exists with a few drops of water, but at least we did a few laps on a dry track and it was enough to test the riding position, which was really important. But I couldn't push hard, so I can't say much about the bike. The conditions were unfortunately not good either yesterday or today. In the wet we did several exits, the level of grip allowed it and in any case it was important to understand what could work on the bike for me and what didn't. In the end we were very unlucky, two days at Mugello, a wonderful track. I was happy to be able to ride here, but I couldn't really test the bike in the dry. At least I used this morning to give some information on the bike in the wet and it didn't go badly, but I can't really say much about the RS-GP. "

Dovizioso: "I wanted to do two tests, but we'll talk about a third"


But are you already planning a third test?

"Our plan was to do these two tests, I was clear about this from the start. I wanted to do these two tests and that's what happened. We will talk about a possible third test."

And what about the possibility of doing some wild cards in 2021?

"I don't think it's important to talk about any wild cards right now, because it wasn't in my plans. I haven't been able to push hard with this bike yet and so I don't see any valid reason at the moment to think about participating in the races. Maybe there will be an opportunity to do other tests, we'll talk about it "

Dovizioso: "I haven't pushed with this bike yet, it makes no sense to talk about wild cards"


Have you got a better idea of ​​the differences between the Ducati and the Aprilia?

"I don't have much feedback about the bike, on the Aprilia. Here at Mugello I hardly rode, while at Jerez it was the first time on the RS-GP and I needed time to understand everything, to realize the situation. A lot of details to sort out, especially about the riding position. That was the first step and only then can you push and try to understand a bike. I have some ideas, but I am always very cautious when it comes to talking because before you do it you have to push and be fast, that’s the only way to understand all the details. The sensations you feel are very important when you are pushing and at the moment I have not experienced that condition. The two days at Mugello were for that, it would have been important. But I had no real chance to do it, all the work we did was for the wet track. I have some ideas, but it wouldn't be very smart to talk about them now, it's too early unfortunately. I need at least one more test to understand everything better. "

Is your return to racing in 2022 with Aprilia taking shape more and more in any case?

"I am living my life day by day, I have no stress about my return to racing or not. If there are the conditions I want, I will take the opportunity. But at the moment I don't know anything about my future, it's still not the time to talk about it. I'm happy to have so much time to do things that I haven't been able to do in the last 19 years and this is good in any case. I'm happy to have had this opportunity from Aprilia, both to get back on a MotoGP bike and for understanding the situation better ".

Dovizioso: "My fans like the idea that I can return to racing with Aprilia. They don't give a damn about motocross."


People seem to like the idea of a Dovizioso-Aprilia pairing. Are you feeling this too?

"I must admit that I am pleased to receive so many requests from my fans to return to MotoGP as soon as possible. Honestly, my fans don't give a damn about motocross and this is very clear to me. They are all asking me to come back and to do it with Aprilia. The first races went very well with Aleix, so there is hope on the part of my fans, let's put it this way. It's a pleasure, because I noticed with other riders that the memory of the fans is always very short. As a result you quickly forget what a rider did a year or two before. It's nice for me to feel this enthusiasm, but I don't know what will happen. It's too soon ".

What was it like to find yourself on the track with Pirro in such different roles and precisely at Mugello, a sort of home track for Ducati?

"I often talk to Michele, we also went to dinner last night. We were with friends and Michele came with us, we have an excellent relationship. I am not living badly these situations, I'm particularly relaxed. Unfortunately I didn't happen to find him on the track, also because we did very few laps in both dry and wet conditions. I have to admit that Mugello is always special, like when I remember setting off from home to get here the road is special, the atmosphere is special, everything is. Few tracks in the world transmit this to me, Mugello is beautiful and I was happy to be able to ride here, but we were just not very lucky. "


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