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MotoGP, Mir criticizes Jerez track safety as Suzuki qualifying problems continue

"The run-off areas are not big enough and we saw it with Marc's crash. Rins: "We talked about it in the Safety Commission but there are tracks that are even worse"

MotoGP: Mir criticizes Jerez track safety as Suzuki qualifying problems continue


A tenth place that in the end put a smile on world champion Joan Mir’s face as he admitted he couldn't do more with his Suzuki today. The Hamamatsu manufacturer’s bike, as usual, suffered in qualifying but in FP3 and FP4 the Spaniard showed he had the right pace to be able to do well in tomorrow's race.

“I couldn't have asked for much more honestly - said Joan - I am close to the pole position time and tomorrow I will not start from far back and I will try to do my usual race. I made a clear step forward between yesterday and today, I am closer and we are continuing to work on the electronics to use the bike and tyres at their best. We are still a long way from solving our problems in qualifying but we will continue to work ”.

Today we saw a lot of crashes in FP3 and FP4, is there a particular reason?

"Today the conditions were not the best possible, it was hot but the wind was cold and it cooled the tyres and the track. I believe that the crashes came for these reasons, not because the riders pushed too hard since we are all very close. But it must be said that there is some safety problem on this track ".

You don't think Jerez is a safe track?

“The run-off areas are not big enough for MotoGP on this track. In many corners we are at the limit, especially 1, 7 and 10. I crashed in turn 7 in 2019 and hit the barriers just as happened to Marquez today and also to Espargarò. In the safety commission we talked about this, I think that to make this track safe you have to spend a lot of money. It's always the same story, nobody changes anything until something happens. I hope that next year they will modify some areas and then also in the years to come ”.

Even today we saw several laps cancelled for millimetres. What do you think about that?

“We know that the sensors are sensitive, we have to be careful. I prefer the rule as it is now, it is clear and if you are out even by a single millimetre the time is cancelled, this leads to fewer arguments".

What happened in FP3 with Vinales?

"I was improving my time with a new tyre and Maverick was in the middle of the track, I can’t say much more ".

Rins: "Yamaha ahead of everyone, let’s hope Miller starts well"


His teammate Alex Rins, who managed to put his Suzuki in ninth position, did a bit better than the world champion. What are his feelings after this Saturday in Jerez?

“Qualifying was so so - said Rins with a hint of disappointment – but the day was good, we did a good FP3, going directly to Q2 with everything so close. Then in FP4 I was able to do a good pace but I was trying to find where the limit was and I made a small mistake, I lost the front and I crashed. Then for the qualifying, I was fully motivated to do a good lap time. The first tyre was ok, I was able to ride faster than in FP3, but then the second rear tyre was pushing a lot and not 100% of confidence on the front, so maybe it took away the feeling to improve the lap time.”

How do you see tomorrow's race?

“I will have to start well if I want to have a good race. It looks like the Yamahas are ahead of everyone, the Ducatis and Miller don't seem to have a good pace but tomorrow they could still be part of the game. Our strategy is to try to overtake the guys in front as soon as possible. If Quartararo makes a good start and stays first it will be difficult to fight for the victory. On the other hand, if Miller starts well we can slow down Fabio's pace a little and try to fight. "

What do you think of the safety issue and the crashes seen this weekend?

“I crashed because I entered the corner too hard but it's true and we know very well that the run-off areas are small here. We talked about it in the safety commission, they asked us where something could be done but none of us mentioned the corner where Marc crashed. We'll see if something can be changed in the future but there are tracks where it is even worse like at Montmelò where they have changed something but for example at turn 9 there is not enough space ".

Have the MotoGP bikes become too fast for the tracks?

"Yes, maybe we are starting to be a bit fast (laughs, ed). Year after year we improve, when I was in Moto3 we struggled to do 1:46 here while now there are incredible times ".




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